Viva Charcuterie! Quality Meat At WINE & Craft Beer Bistro Miyamasu In Shinbashi, Tokyo

WINE & Craft Beer Bistro Miyamasu in Shinbashi, Tokyo offers you not only good beer and wine but quality processed meat called charcuterie! You’ll amazed how wonderful their food selection is…!

I was invited to the sampling party at WINE & Craft Beer Bistro Miyamasu as a meat lover blogger. It is such an honour to be there!

Let me show you how it was in the sampling party... It was oh so amazing!

Learn A Bit About Charcuterie

Charcuterie is combined French words Chair (means meat) and Cuite (means cooked). Ham, sausages, pates, and terrine are typical examples of charcuterie. Mostly it is made with pork, but sometimes it could be made with ducks or other wild animals.

Of course charcuterie can be a main course but can also be nibblies with drinks. There are 15~20 kinds of charcuteries in stock on a steady basis in this restaurant. Only a few restaurants in Tokyo having the selection like Miyamasu does. Some charcuteries need 4 weeks or so to be prepared…!

They can pack the meat in a vacuum bag upon your request when you make reservation for take-away.

There are some homemade hams at the counter… Lookin’ good!

Let’s Feast!

Chicken terrine as Oto-shi (means an appetizer in Japanese). The chicken is from Tottori Prefecture. Oto-shi always comes when you are seated in Japanese Izakaya and it is included in the service charge fee. However, in this Bistro, it is free of charge only if you check-in at the restaurant on Facebook. Dang we sure live in the 21st century! hahaha…

It can go with baguette or just eat itself. Either way, the terrine is marvelous!

Brown mushroom salad with watercress and wild rocket. The mushrooms are from Hasegawa Mushroom Farm in Shizuoka Prefecture. Their mushrooms are very flavourful and are wonderful with the fresh watercress and wild rocket!

This is common octopus carpaccio. Everybody else was busy with charcuterie so I enjoyed it by myself. Mmm it was so good…!! I feel bad for people didn’t try this! hahaha

Charcuterie Here I Come!

This is their signature charcuterie!

Pate de champagne (French country style pate), homemade ham, rillettes (paste made with pork and duck), museau (ham made from pig cheek and tongue), and others, about 6-7 kinds of charcuterie on the plate.

The picture is for 4 people, but you can order the half sized plate for smaller group.

Rillettes with baguette! Mmm tasty!

This is their basic menu frites.

It comes with plain mayonnaise, paprika mayo, and celery mayo. I personally prefer celery mayonnaise the most.

The sausage with gruyere cheese and coriander seeds inside.

The juicy meat and flavourful cheese and coriander seeds are the best friends!

Miyamasu has saison beer to offer! Saison beer has refreshing taste and is low alcohol pale ale brewed in French speaking region in Belgium. It is originally brewed in winter and is to refresh farm workers during their busy harvest season.

Well, I tried one of their craft beers called Delirium Christmas this time. This is limited in winter!

Look how cute this label is! The Delirium’s famous pink elephant is on the sled!

This is an one pound of roasted Seseragi pork (2,700 yen). Seseragi pork is a quality pork brand in Gunma Prefecture. It was humongous…!

The staff cuts this pork. Frites come with the meat.

I can’t stop drooling…!

It is very thick meat so it takes about 50 minutes to roast, so I recommend you to order as soon as you get seated if you want to eat this fantastic pork.

I called it for a night with this squid risotto.

The squid meat was very tender! it!

Squid ink is in the squid. I loved the mixture of risotto and the ink… It was OH-SO good!!

The Secret Of Museau

【Warning- this chapter may contain some disturbing pictures of pigs in preparation】

They showed me the preparation of museau. This is very rare menu and only a few restaurants have it.

The meat is pickled in the vat...It has to be pig cheek and tongue...

Ohhhh this is definitely pig’s head… I took some more pictures from the other angle, but it was a bit too much to put on here...

(No more disturbing photos!)


Saison beer in large bottles! Drink responsibly!!

Not a beer fan? No worries! They have large selection of wine and other drinks. I thought a glass of sparkling wine is reasonable.

I found a tiny pig!

The president of Miyamasu came to the sampling party as well!

I was amazed his deep knowledge of charcuterie and meat. Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity, Mr. President!!

OH I am so stuffed with their marvelous meat!!

I was too busy tasting their food, but the restaurant is very spacious, so you can go with a large group of people. WINE & Craft Beer Miyamasu makes your meat day unforgettable for sure!!

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Written by Tomoko"Nick"

In 1980, I was born and raised in Tokyo. I work as a web marketer, a blogger(established in 2004) and a career counselor. I'm looking for the best meat dishes and restaurants in Tokyo at all times! That's why my friends call me "Nick" that sounds same as "meat " in Japanese.