The popular pineapple cake from Taiwan, Sunny Hills, now arrived in Omotesando, Japan!

I heard that Sunny Hills, the popular pineapple cake brand from Taiwan, launched a branch in Omotesando/Minami-Aoyama area in Japan. So, I’ll be writing about my first visit there.

Hi! Have you heard of Taiwanese pineapple cake? It’s one of the top-selling Taiwanese souvenirs, which abundantly uses pineapples from the tropical island of Taiwan. ‘微熱山丘 Sunny Hills’ is very popular today out of many other pineapple cake stores. Its branch was launched in ‘Omotesando/Minami-Aoyama area’, an epicenter of culture and trends of Japan. I will write about my visit and more details of Sunny Hills.

You never miss the unique structure of Sunny Hills Minami-Aoyama!

As you know, ‘Omotesando’ in Tokyo is home to trendy designers shops and popular sweets stores from all over the world, and it is certainly leading current trends in Japan. Nezu Art Museum is located short distance away from the main Omotesando Avenue, and this attracts many overseas tourists as well. It is designed by a renowned architect Kengo Kuma. He is the one who newly designed Sunny Hills ‘Minami-Aoyama’, which is about 5minutes away on foot from the museum.

In the residential area of Minami-Aoyama, this bird nest like building certainly stands out with intersected Hinoki cypress rectangular lumber.

Anybody can freely walk into this building. You can see the same Hinoki cypress inside as well as thriving plants, and the design also allows sunlight to flow in. It’s unbelievable how much you feel calm and relaxed inside of this building in the middle of Tokyo.

When you walk in, female waiting staff takes you to a seat. If it’s busy, you can wait sitting on this chair. This is also totally cool...I’d love to keep it...

Free tasting in a café area on the second floor!?

It was in the afternoon on a weekday, so I hardly had to wait for my seat. I was taken upstairs, where I saw a nice relaxing big café area. There, the waiting staff showed me where to sit.

After a short wait...a pineapple cake and tea were served. If you were there, you’d probably think ‘Huh? I haven’t ordered anything yet.’ Well...surprise! This is a free tasting set! Whhhaaat? That’s so generous!

I took the cake out from the wrapping. It was bigger and heavier than I expected. I’d think that eating a cake like this would possibly fill you up if you were female.

Look at the amount of this special pineapple jam! The outer part has a nice richness of butter, and this is so filling.

According to a leaflet that came with the set, their ingredients are carefully and strictly chosen, such as the pineapples produced in Taiwan, flour from Japan and European cultured butter from France. Ah, that explains this special flavor...I see... I just can’t get over the aromatic richness of butter.

I probably stayed there for about 30 minutes as I enjoyed the cake. Everyone inside was so relaxed being there, and there is no doubt about becoming a fan of Sunny Hills! It seems like those who enjoyed the free tasting set purchase some cakes as souvenirs before they leave.

Please give it a try, everyone! When you feel like something sweet walking along Omotesando, why not relax at Sunny Hills? I can assure you that the building is awesome, too, if you enjoy architecture.

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Written by Nekko

I recently got married and I’m currently living in Tokyo. I will write about cheap shopping, and tips about fashion and lifestyle.