Confectionery art! Chocolate Palace in Kyoto “MARIEBELLE Kyoto” Flagship Store

I went to a chocolate shop in Kyoto city called MARIEBELLE. I make reports about the interior of the shop and chocolates they have in details.

Hi, this is KOKORO MOYOU reporting about Kyoto!

Today, I am going to introduce a chocolate shop named MarieBelle (Kyoto flagship store) in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city.

Introduction to MarieBelle Kyoto flagship store

MarieBelle is a famous chocolate shop in Kyoto with artistic chocolates. The flagship store is in Kyoto, and they also have one in New York.

This is the entrance. They have renovated a Japanese style house, and it doesn't look like a chocolate shop from the outside.

When you go inside, there is a Kyoto-like long hallway.

There were cafe menus and samples near the entrance.

The inside of MarieBelle

Here's what it looks like inside. You are suddenly absorbed by the atmosphere that's like a palace.

Oh, just to make sure but I am taking these photos with the shop’s permission.

Various chocolates are lined up everywhere. I bet girls would love this place!

Honestly they are all pretty expensive. They are handmade with great craftsmanship, so maybe they're worth the price.

But you might think, who cares! You can simply enjoy looking at them.

This is the display window.

There are pictures drawn on the surface of chocolates. They are cute, pretty and very delicate.

There are sweets other than chocolate too.

These chocolates differ in design but they all taste different too. There are countless numbers of them so...this is crazy…! And amazing.

I ate a set of 2 chocolates. 1350 yen, including tax.

The flavors were banana and champagne.

They also have a cafe. I have always wanted to go, but it's always crowded. They often have a sign in the front that shows the amount of time you have to wait, so you should be prepared.

Eating MarieBelle chocolates

This is the paperback for takeout. Very stylish!

Their chocolate catalogue was inside the bag with all the names and flavors listed. You can enjoy just reading them.

Here’s the chocolate box.

The left one is champagne and the right one is banana flavored.

They are 600 yen each so it tastes marvelous too. (I'm not saying that expensive chocolates are good and cheap ones are not but…)

They were softer than I imagined, but there are crispy ones too. The chocolate is very rich and the flavors like bananas stand out. You can enjoy both visually and by its taste.

How was it?

Girls would surely be excited by this chocolate shop MarieBelle. It's like a dreamy palace filled with “delicious” and “cute”. Please make sure to stop by if you're a chocolate lover!

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