The Greatest Eel Dish at Ganso Motoyoshiya in Yanagawa, Fukuoka! An Amazing Luxury Lunch!

We went to the “Ganso Motoyoshiya,” the oldest and the greatest eel restaurant in Yanagawa, Fukuoka prefecture and had a luxurious eel lunch.

Today we went to Fukuoka’s Yanagawa city to eat eel for lunch.

Yanagawa is about an hour away from Fukuoka city by train. It is known for “Yanagawa Kudari” where you get on a small boat and go down the Yanagawa river. If it’s sunny, it feels so great.

Another famous thing about Yanagawa is “Unagi Seiromushi” (steamed eel in a bamboo basket). Today we went to the “Ganso Motoyoshiya”, a restaurant established in 1681 and tried their eel.

How to get to “Ganso Motoyoshiya”

“Ganso Motoyoshiya” is located in the older, main part of the Yanagawa city, which is known for its beautiful river.

It is a 12 minute walk from Yanagawa Station and located right in front of Yanagawa Kawakudari station, so it might be good to visit this restaurant after you take a cruise on the river.

Look at this atmosphere of the restaurant. It is exactly what a historical restaurant should look like.

The atmosphere of “Ganso Motoyoshiya” is exactly the style of a high-class Japanese style restaurant

We got a private room. The atmosphere was more like a “ryotei” (a high-class Japanese style restaurant) rather than just an eel place.

We felt like politicians! Haha. (In Japan, you often see politicians dining with other politicians in a ryotei’s private room in TV shows)

When we opened the door, we had this garden view.

Although I don’t know much about what a “beautiful garden” is, I thought that this garden felt so open and the greenery was beautiful. It definitely felt high class.

This is the menu.

My wife and I ordered the Hae course, which was 6,000 yen. We had a Seiromushi (3500 yen) for our kids and let them share it.

However….. It is so luxurious!! Lunch that costs 15,500 yen…. Haha.

We finally feasted at “Ganso Motoyoshiya”!

Let me introduce each dish of the Hae course in order.

The first dish is broilled eel with vineger dressing. The vineger was not too strong and it was just right.

The wonderful smell and the refreshing sourness… Ah so great. From the start of the course, we had an amazing dish.

The next dish was “Shirayaki oroshi.” It is broilled eel with grated daikon on the top.

The surface was crispy and the inside was juicy… It felt so great to have such an amazing eel!

I had no idea “shirayaki” can be this good!

It goes very well with wasabi too.

And finally this restaurant’s specialty, “Toku Seiromushi” was delivered to our table.

How can I explain this amazing smell….It is so great. It was nice and hot when we got it.

There is eel all over on the top, but what’s special about this particular Seiromushi is that the rice underneath also has eel mixed in. How luxurious.

Although “Unagi” (eel) is eaten all over Japan, here in Yanagawa, the style is a little different. They eat it as “Seiromushi.”

Usually, we broil the eel with sweet sauce that uses soy sauce, and we put it over the white rice and eat.

However, here in Yanagawa, they put the sauce on the rice in advance, put broiled eel on the top and put a thin fried-egg over that, then steam it.

In this way, the oil of the eel gets soaked in the rice, and we can enjoy the eel meat that has the right softness and the rice seasoned with the oil and the sauce. So rich!

And the “Ganso Motoyoshiya” is the place that created this recipe.

I wonder why this recipe hasn’t spread to the other parts of Japan. There’s no food that is as good as this… So happy...

The next dish is “kimosui” (a clear soup made of the eel’s organs and broth)

And then fruit for dessert.

We were amazingly satisfied! It was totally worth the price!

Although nobody can deny that it is expensive, it is worth the money. I’m sure that this restaurant has the best eel dish in Japan.

Anyway, it was awesome. How wonderful to have a little luxury.

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Written by 若おっさん(Waka Ossan)

I'm living in Osaka and be willing to introduce a lot gourmet information of various places in Kansai area(Osaka, Kyoto, Wakayama, Shiga...), especially attractive for middle-aged man!