Return Ferry Trip From Shin-Moji Port In Fukuoka To Izumiotsu Port In Osaka By HIBIKI

This is our return trip from Shin-Moji Port in Fukuoka Prefecture to Izumiotsu Port in Osaka. It was very relaxing trip!

I have introduced how we spent our summer vacation and now it is time to say good-bye to Kyushu region… On our way to Kyushu, we took a ferry called IZUMI. On our return trip to Osaka, we took the other ferry called HIBIKI. was just like IZUMI...hahaha

I can call HIBIKI and IZUMI twins!

We reserved a deluxe Wayo-shitsu (Japanese and western style room) on our outward voyage, but we reserved a deluxe Washitsu (Japanese style room) on our return trip. It cost us 36,660 yen for two adults, one elementary school age child, and one toddler plus our car (within 4m long). Don’t you think it’s cheap?

Let’s Go Inside Of HIBIKI!

Good bye Kyushu… We left at the Shin-Moji Port at 5:30pm.

The terminal building shaped like a ferry!

Oh don’t confuse me! lol

Took necessary procedures at this building before we get on board.

I drove my car into the ferry.

Staffs led me to the parking spot, so I didn’t get lost or anything.

Just drove slowly...and stop. No particular tecnique needed!

Afer going inside of HIBIKI, we took some time at kiosk.

See? It was just like IZUMI on our outward voyage!

No worries if you forgot to get souvenir on your way to Kyushu! You may find something here at the kiosk...

Good bye Kyushu~~~!!

We Stayed A Room Called Deluxe Washitsu...Here Is How It Looks!

Okay, we stayed in deluxe Wayo-Shitsu (Japanese and western style room) on our way to Kyushu, but in HIBIKI, we took a room called deluxe washitsu (Japanese style room).

Look how the room looks like! Can you believe it is in the ferry? I was amazed how wonderful the room in IZUMI, but out room in HIBIKI was also very clean!

Again, it cost us only 36,660 yen for all of us plus our car!

I was very happy how clean and spacious the room was.

Japanese comforter (Futon) set was equipped in the room, so we made beds for ourselves.

Of course a nice flat TV was equipped!

We got relaxed...maybe more than being at home??

We enjoyed sun light from the window!

The picture below was the sun from HIBIKI right before we left the port.

Just like IZUMI, there were shared bathrooms, shower rooms, and public hot bath tubs. They were all clean!

However, our room had a washstand equipped, so we could wash our face, brush teeth, etc!

Air conditioner remote was on the wall.

We could adjust temparature as we wanted.

We enjoyed so much whole time on the ferry! Nothing made us feel uncomfortable!!

Of course we could take an airplane or a Shinkansen, but we were very happy that we took a ferry this time! If you are not in hurry, taking a ferry to Kyushu from Osaka is a wonderful choice! I strongly recommend it!

If you are interested and want to know more about HIBIKI’s twin sister IZUMI, please refer here.

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Written by 若おっさん(Waka Ossan)

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