A ‘Chocolate Ball Glass Mug’ At CACAO MARKET BY MARIEBELLE, A Chocolate Shop In Gion, Kyoto

I’m writing about a chocolate shop in Gion, Kyoto. It was beautiful to see and eat their chocolate. I’m confident that ladies would be thrilled by this shop!

Hi, I’m KOKORO MOYOU, a regular reporter of Kyoto information.

Today, this is going to be about a chocolate shop in Gion, Kyoto.

Many people would say Wagashi sweets for Kyoto souvenirs, but in fact there are many stylish chocolate shops in Kyoto.

Today’s shop is ‘CACAO MARKET by MarieBelle’ in Gion, Kyoto. I have preciously written about ‘MarieBelle Kyoto Honten’, the first branch in Japan, but this shop today is a takeout-only shop.

I visited the shop and took photos there on February 5, 2015.

Introducing CACAO MARKET by MarieBelle

It looks like this from the street. As a chocolate shop, it has the obvious stylish feeling about it.

This is their business card with different kinds and varieties of chocolate. Small details like this is helpful and clever.

This is the inside. You see some sort of antique style interior in there.

FYI...I got a permission to photograph inside the shop.

There are so many different kinds of chocolate fully lined up in the shop.

New York Times once praised the New York branch for ‘the best chocolate’, and CACAO MARKET by MarieBelle was designed after the kitchen at the New York branch.

Tasting time!

I bought this ‘chocolate ball glass mug’ this time.

The glass mug is filled with chocolate balls. The packaging is stylish, too.

Even their bag seems special.

Inside the glass mug, there are various kinds of chocolate.

They vary not just in the flavors but also in the textures, such as ‘crispy and light’ and ‘rich and creamy’.

Whichever you choose, they are all delicious!

You can use it as a normal mug when you finish eating the chocolate.

The shop assistant said that we could use it for both hot and cold drinks.

So, how was it? I’ve introduced several chocolate shops in Kyoto, but this CACAO MARKET by MarieBelle has become one of my top recommendations.

This chocolate shop has such a nice atmosphere, especially for ladies. Please check this out if you’re considering getting a Kyoto souvenir!

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