What is Soup Curry? Let’s try the famous Soup Curry at its battleground Shimokitazawa!

Soup curry is a popular form of curry flavoured stew, which contains vegetables. Shimokitazawa in Tokyo has many restaurants competing with one another over who has the best soup curry. Let us introduce you to three restaurants in Shimokitazawa which have great reputations for the dish.

Hey guys, have you ever heard of “Soup Curry” before?

Japanese people are known as good at arranging foreign food into Japanese style.

Ramen is now well known as a Japanese food but originally was brought from China. Then it developed in a unique Japanese style. The soup broth, ingredients and toppings have been arranged and established over the years.

The same thing can be said in curry. The curry was brought from India. It was arranged to suit Japanese taste like milder and took a firm hold as Japanese “Curry Rice”.

But furthermore, what I’m going to show today is evolutional curry, so-called “Soup Curry”.

The feature of Soup Curry is a spicy smooth soup with a lot of meats and vegetables in it. It is very popular among women because of its variation.

The Origin of Soup Curry and the popular restaurant area

The origin of Soup Curry is said that it was a medical herb curry from café “AJANTA” in Sapporo. The café started to sell a medical herb curry in 1971 and that was a great hit in those days.

After a few decades in 1993, the restaurant call “Magic Spice” started to sell arranged curry which was Indonesian style with a lot of spices. Then, they named their ethnic style curry “Soup Curry”. It became very popular and in 2002, the Soup Curry was all the rage throughout Japan.

Because of its background, there are a lot of Soup Curry restaurants in both Sapporo, Hokkaido where you can find “AJANTA” and also in Shimokitazawa the location of “Magic Spice”.

So today, I am going to show you the top three Soup Curry restaurants in Shimokitazawa!

The fist of the kind Soup Curry restaurant “Magic Spice”

As I mentioned earlier, “Magic Spice” is the originator of “Soup Curry”. The concept of Soup Curry is Indonesian style with lots of spices. Actually not only about the tastes, but also the interior is decorated in Indonesian and Hindu kind of style too.

You’ll definitely surprise when you see the amount vegetables. The taste has a lovely aroma with spices, but not too hot, a bit of sweetness. It is a typical Indonesian style. I bet you can finish in no time as it was irresistible.

After having a spicy food, a cold and sweet desert was nice! Here you can enjoy several kinds of South East Asian deserts like Banana Lassi.

This place is very popular, so if you are planning to go on weekends, better to avoid the peak hours.

Soup Curry Kokoro Shimokitazawa ten

The next is “Soup Curry Kokoro Shimokitazawa ten”. It locates in Kitaguchi area which is famous for vintage clothes shopping streets. The great thing about this restaurant is it continues to open after lunch peak hours, so you can avoid the crowds.

This is their Soup Curry! It is quite lighter than the others so the flavor of vegetables stands out. You can choose the rice from normal white Japanese rice or brown rice.

Rojiura Curry SAMURAI at Shimokitazawa

The last place I’m going to recommend is “Rojiura Curry SAMURAI” .Their catch phrase is “A dish which can get all vegetables you need for a day” The ambiance of the restaurant is calm and relaxing. Originally, the restaurant started in Sapporo and they opened the branch here in Shimokitazawa recently. The great news is they received high commendation from Tokyo gourmets.

The sales point is tons of vegetables! Look at that, it includes 450g vegetables in one dish! Amazing!

The soup is thicker and it has strong tastes than the others but goes really well with vegetables. It is mild and the chicken is soft and tender! Yum!

Typical Japanese cuisines are great of course, but if you feel enough of Sushi then Soup Curry is the another thing I recommend. The combination of international dish “Soup Curry”, it is unique and I am sure once you’ve tried, definitely you will like it!

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Written by Nekko

I recently got married and I’m currently living in Tokyo. I will write about cheap shopping, and tips about fashion and lifestyle.