Looking For Unique Souvenir? Visit KITTE For Quality Green Tea!!

Nugoo is one of the Japanese Green Tea brands originated in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture. The brand has a series of green tea called Chakama. The series has variety of green tea which is all different kinds and accepts different methods of roasting. And also the tea is wrapped in the Japanese traditional hand towel called Tenugui.

One of the frequet questions from tourists from overseas is which green teas they should get for souvenir and where to get it. Well, you can get it from Ameya-Yokocho (also known as Ameyoko) in Ueno which has mass produced green tea, and/or get it from Takashimaya or Isetan Department Stores in Shinjuku which has luxury kind of tea.

However, if you are looking for the green tea which you and your loved ones may have not seen before, I’d recommend you Nugoo’s Chakama series.

Nugoo is found in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, so if you plan to visit there, it is great place to find the unique green tea. Even if you don’t plan on visiting Kamakura, no worries! Nugoo has a shop in the shopping mall called KITTE which is located just right next to Tokyo Station.

Nugoo is originally the Japanese traditional hand towel brand in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture. Kamakura is one of the historic and cultual cities in Japan, like Kyoto. The Japanese traditional hand towel is called Tenugui made of cotton which often has pretty patterns on it.

Nugoo launched the series of green tea called Chakama Series which includes awarded green teas such as Sonnaraba (Sencha- midium graded green tea), Mukanshin (Gyokuro- refind green tea), and others. All of them are grown by the specific farmers with tender care, and roasted by the selected tea makers.

What makes Chakama Series very special is its packaging as well. The concept of the series is the green tea as a warm gift. Their tea is packaged in a beautiful Tenugui. There are 12 kinds of tea and they are wrapped in all different Tenuguis.

This tea in the red pouch which is made from Tenugui is Sonnaraba (Sencha). This aromatic tea is very enjoyable with lukewarm water. It is 1,365 yen per pouch.

I am pretty sure you’ll enjoy choosing one from variety of tea and its pretty packaging!

There are not only tea in pouches but in the canisters. The canisters look all different depending on which tea it is.

They pack two canisters in one box like the picture below upon your request. Don’t you think this can be a stylish and yet unique gift for your loved ones waiting for you back home?

What do you think?

Green tea is very popular and familier to Japanese people, but it is perfect as a souvenir to tourists from overseas and their loved ones. Chakama Series puts traditional green tea and Tenugui together in a beautiful and unique way! Enjoy warmth of green tea farmers’ and tea makers’ craftsmanship and hand crafted Tenugui!! Please visit Nugoo on 4th floor in KITTE when you visit Tokyo Station area!

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Written by Nekko

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