Enjoy Making Your Own Instant Noodle At Cup Noodles Museum In Yokohama

This article introduces Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. The museum shows the history of instant noodles, and has activities that you can make your own instant noodles and so on.

I went to see a musical in Yokohama the other day. I was browsing around Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, and I found pretty building… I wondered what it is and found out it is Cup Noodles Museum!

What Is Cup Noodle Museum?

Ramen is our soul food in Japan. No questions. Instant noodles are invented in Japan by Momofuku Andou. The museum shows Mr. Andou’s life changing inventions. Also, the museum offers you to make your own instant noodles and other fun activities.

I was browsing around in the souvenir shop in the museum (I didn’t plan to visit the museum at all…), and the staff told me I can make my own instant noodles without getting reservations (normally you need reservation for this activity...it was my lucky day!), so I decided to try it!

The admission fee is 500 yen per adult, it costs another 500 yen to attend the noodle making activity. I am going to share my experience with you just because it was fun and totally worth to try!

Making Nissin Chikin Ramen

Nissin Chikin Ramen is the first instant noodle Mr. Andou invented in 1958. That was the first instant noodles in the world.

Chikin Ramen Factory in the museum offers you to make Chikin Ramen by hand! It takes 90 minutes. They are taking reservation by online (if you visit in the weekday(s) just I did, you may be able to participate without the reservation...but I recomend you to get reservation online).

Make reservation? → !!! CUPNOODLES MUSEUM

This is how this activity goes:

  1. wash your hands
  2. watch video and learn how to make it
  3. kneading
  4. spreading
  5. give it some rest
  6. making packaging
  7. watch video to learn how to finish it
  8. shaping
  9. cutting
  10. seasoning
  11. frying

This is easy! Even the first graders can do ;)

This is how the factory looks like.

Many of them are couples and families. Six people in a group and one instractor supports you.

Put the apron and bandanna on, and get ready!

These are ingredients for noodles. They explain what’s what.

Put the flour in the bowl...

Add Kansui (Iye water for making chinese noodles- may known as alkaline salted water), sesame oil, and other seasonings and mix.

It becomes like pizza dough...

Spread noodle dough by using a rolling pin. Push dough with it to spread the dough, not roll the rolling pin on the dough...

Use this noodle machine to even the dough...

...and give it some time to rest.

While it is resting, draw pictures on the packaging.

Look what I found while I was waiting… This clock looks like the original package of Chikin Ramen!! Cuuuute!

Spread noodles…..

Cut the dough and now it looks really like noodles!

The staff makes it wavy...

Weigh the noodles and make it 100g….

Put the noodles in this stainless basket and steam!

Draw more on the packaging, and watch the video and learn how to finish the noodles…

Season the steamed noodles!

This is the steamed noodles. The factory is very spacious and was noisy when I was there (I mean, many people are in the factory at the same time, so it is understandable), so I missed few things the staff told how to proceed, but they came and helped me quickly.

Frying part is done by staff. Loosen the noodles first….

And put it in the fryer!

This is Mr. Andou’s invention called Flash-Frying Method. His revolutionary method has been found after months of trial and error experiment.

videos in!

This is fried noodles!

You can take pictures of the noodle you made :)

Bring the packaging and they pack the noodles.

I tasted some pieces of noodles...it was good!

Ta-Da! This is my original Chikin Ramen!! You can draw anything...so I wrote it contains some pork…(it is a lie, of course!!) hahaha

They gave me the Chikin Ramen I made, the regular Chikin Ramen, and the bandanna as souvenir. Chikin Ramen itself normally costs 100 yen each...so this activity is worth to pay 500 yen for sure!

The Chikin Ramen you make in this factory lasts about a month. I had it right after I brought it back home… I thought the one I made was more savory than the regular ones… It is 90 minutes long activity but I felt the time went so fast! I recommend you to try this activity for sure!!

Other Desplays

The museum has interesting desplays as well. There are Chikin Ramens and Nissin Cup Noodles in old days like this...

This is all instant foods which Nissin has sold. I was amazed by the lineups!

This is called Creative Thinking Boxes. You can learn Mr. Andou’s creative mind and his curiousity which gives you a hint to achieve inventions and discoveries.

95,400,000,000 packages of Instant Noodles are consumed in a year in all over the world.

There is a statue of Mr. Momofuku Andou.

...What do you think of the museum? I didn’t even plan to visit, but it was very fun to be there! The museum may be busy in the holidays, but if you make reservation before participating some activities, then no problem! Learn and enjoy at Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama!

*This article is written in Oct. 06, 2012. Please check the latest information at the official site.

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