Delicious Rice And Obanzai At Okudohan Gokomachi In Kyoto!

This article shows Obanzai at the restaurant called Okudohan in Kyoto. The restaurant is in Gokomachi, where you can find stylish shops and restaurants. Let’s see what Obanzai is and how Okudohan looks like...

Hi guys! I will introduce you Mimasuya Okudohan in Gokomachi Dori, Kyoto today. All information here is current as of 12 November, 2015.

The restaurant was used to be a townhouse, so it still has homely atmosphere.

A townhouse (Machiya in Japanese) is a housing complex that people live in and they have small shops attached in most cases. When you think of how Japanese streets looked like in Edo period, you would picture the townhouses on the street. You can still see them in Kyoto, Kanazawa (in Ishikawa Prefecture), etc.

There are Kyo-Yasai (vegetables from local farms in Kyoto) in front of Okudohan.

This is inside of the restaurant.

(There’s more room inside, but it was occupied so I couldn’t take pictures…)

I ordered Okudohan Gozen (set menu- 1,250 yen incl. tax).

Waited for a bit...and look how gorgeous it is!

They do not use a ricecooker. Instead, they use an iron kettle to cook rice...that makes a big difference.

The rice has chewy texture and feel its sweetness in my mouth.

The restaurant uses Yumepirika Rice which comes from Hokkaido.

I don’t mind if they didn’t have any side dishes...I mean, their rice was beyond delicious!

Okudohan Gozen has bunch of Obanzai on a tray.

Have you heard of Obanzai? It is daily dishes at home, mostly not cooked before eating as it is normally in the pre-cooked form and it has various kinds of it. It is called Osouzai in the most of Japan, but it is called Obanzai in Kyoto.

A lot of them are mainly used Kyo-Yasai, stewed in Dashi (stocks), pickled, etc. Obanzai is very popular to Japanese tourists due to its simple and yet healthy dishes.

Mmm...thier simple flavour makes you to enjoy the sophisticated taste of its ingredients.

There are also fish as Obanzai dishes.

And of course Sashimi!

Each one of them were….OH SO GOOD!!

I got some dessert and a glass of cola.

You can choose drinks from their menu, such as tea, coffee and other fuzzy drinks.

The dessert was pear tart with fruit sauce on top.

It was VERY satisfying! It is definitely worth of 1,250 yen!

You can find Sushi or Ramen Tokyo or any other places, but Obanzai is a very typical dishes in Kyoto. Not so many restaurants offer real Obanzai in such reasonable price.

Please enjoy taste of real Kyoto in your mouth at Okudohan! Kyo-Yasai and Dashi makes your stay in Kyoto very sophisticated and unforgettable!

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