My Luxury-And-Yet-Worth Experience: Mail Order Unblended Whisky From Yoichi Distillery

Have you ever heard of Yoichi, the most famous whisky in Japan? You can buy its unblended whisky only at the distillery...but I got it by mail-order! Here’s my trick.

Yoichi is one of whisky brands in Japan. It won the whisky awards so many times such as ISC (International Spirits Challenge) and WWA (World Whiskies Awards) since 2011.

I will show you how I got their unblended whisky via mail-order!

Yoichi Distillery

It’s been long time, but I was travelling in Hokkaido with my wife in November 2010.

Even though I was born in Hokkaido, there are many places I had never been to in the prefecture, so we traveled many touristy sites during out trip. Yoichi Town was one of them. The town is known for wine and whisky, so we decided to visit Yoichi Distillery.

This picture below is taken during our visit.

After looking around in the distillery, we stopped by whisky tasting bar and souvenir shop and purchased Yoichi unblended whisky.

The picture below is the whisky tasting bar. The souvenir shop is behind the bar.

Exclusive Unblended Whisky At Yoichi Distillery

I am not the expert of whiskies, but whiskies that the liquer stores sell are mostly mixture of whiskies from different barrels, water, and some flavours in a bottle, but unblended whicky (as known as single cask) is from one special barrel without adding anything in it. Unblended whisky is very thick, flavourful, and contains high percentage of alcohol.

The way to enjoy the unblended whisky is; sip it by itself first and then add some ice cubes in the glass. Its flavour explodes in the glass. It makes you amazed for sure! It is fantastic. I invited friends to have the whisky to share the impressive experience. We have talked about this fantastic unblended whisky since we tasted.

However, this special and wonderful exprience comes with a cost. I mean, this whisky is not for someone who is just a bit interested in. Again, I am not the expert and I don’t usually drink whisky, but I purchased it just because I thought this is worth it to try...and it was beyond my expectation! After my first experience, the price to pay for this fantastic whisky is definitely worth it.

Unforgettably Impressive Whisky...Again!

Yoichi unblended whisky gave me huge impact in my life. How could I forget the thick, tasty and flavourful whisky?

I was told the unblended whisky is exclusively sold at the distillery...but I tried to see if there’s a way to get it online...

Amazon, eBay, or any other online stores don’t have it. I googled and only thing I got was some bartenders’ blogs saying “unblended whisky is available in the bar!” ...Ugh...

”Oh...I am so hopeless… Now I need to ask them directly!” Yes, I asked them via the web site.

Contact us | NIKKA WHISKY

They replied me in the next day! Wow, that was quick...with the answer I SO wanted to hear! They actually take mail-orders via phone or fax.

They gave me their number so I called them. I told them the reason why I am calling and hang up. They told me to hang up because the bill was on me if we talked on the phone for a while. They called me right back. What a nice people.

This is the price list of a 500ml bottle.

  • 3,800 yen for 5 year old
  • 5,000 yen for 10 year old
  • 10,000 yen for 15 year old
  • 15,000 yen for 20 year old
  • 20,000 yen for 25 year old

They accept the payment by cash on delivery. I ordered three of 15 year old whisky bottles for friends and myself. COD service charge was 525 yen and shipping fee was 1,120 yen. It became 31,645 yen in total. It goes double or more if I have it in the bar or the I feel like I am a genius shopper…! hahaha

Whisky’s Arrival

TA-DA!! The bottles have arrived!!!!

They sent us the paper bags to carry them individually...

Yep, this is what I ordered… 15 year old!

This is going to be my night cap friend in long time! Beautiful amber coloured whisky makes me happier than ever!! I’d love to take a picture and use it as my wall paper on my mobile!

This is telling what unblended whisky is and how to enjoy it...

If you are interested, please go ahead to ask them for their wonderful unblended whisky! This is definitely worth to pay the price. If you are worried about if they understand what you are asking or whatsoever, maybe asking the concierge in your hotel or your Airbnb host can help you ;)

*This article is written in Jun. 18, 2013. Please check the latest information at the official site and contact to NIKKA WHISKEY.

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