For Ramen Lovers...Try It At Misono Shokudo In Wakayama Prefecture!

Are you a fan of Ramen: Japan’s answer to soul food? If so, please let me introduce you to the ramen I had in Wakayama Prefecture. The restaurant I went to was only a minute away from Wakayama Station.

So...What Is Wakayama Ramen?

Have you ever heard of Wakayama Ramen?

Maybe you have heard of good Ramen in Tokyo, but there are so many Ramen restaurants all over Japan with different noodles, stock, toppings, etc., Tokyo is not the only place where you can get good Ramen. For example, Fukuoka Prefecture has its own signature Ramen called Tonkotsu Ramen (thin noodle in pork bone stock based soup), and Sapporo in Hokkaido has its own called Sapporo Miso Ramen (thick noodle generally in miso based soup).

Wakayama Prefecture has its signature local Ramen called Wakayama Ramen. Its soup is mixture of soy sauce and pork stock.

Let’s Go For Wakayama Ramen At Misono Shokudo!

I visited Wakayama Prefecture on business, but enjoyed sharing a meal with my old friend for the first time in a decade after all my business was taken care of. I’m not sure if you already know this, but people love to have Ramen at the end of their night out. So naturally we went to a Ramen restaurant before calling it a night...yeah, we still had some space in stomachs for Ramen after enjoying Wakayama’s fresh seafood at Toramaru Suisan.

My friend, a Wakayama local, picked a restaurant called Misono Shokudo. It is just a minute from Wakayama Station on foot.

This is how it looks...doesn’t look like a Ramen restaurant, does it?

My friend oredered Yuasa Shirojoyu Chuka Soba (on top left in a picture below) which is 620 yen...really?

...It is surprisingly cheap!

I ordered cold noodles called Hiyashi Yuasa Soba (limited to summer)...I know I should have ordered something basic because this is my first visit...but I couldn’t stand the heat...I was sweaty and all… Oh it was a scorching summer in Japan this year…

(A picture below is what I ordered in Japanese-700 yen)

This is how it looks inside of Misono Shokudo. Well maintained and decorated.

It was a kind of late at night, so I saw people like us- meaning they probably came in after a night of dinner and drinks.

Of course we had another bottle of beer! hahaha…

Cold beer, good beer!

Here is what my friend ordered: Yuasa Shirojoyu Chuka Soba.

Mmm...looking gooooood….

Of course I had some of his. It’s the old theory of “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine.” (have you seen Doraemon? It is a famous Japanese Anime and was recently imported to the US...this is what one of its main characters Big-G’s famous phrase)

Its noodle is flat and curly...very unique.

The texture of the noodle is soft and chewy, so it is different from other noodles.

The soup has a hint of sweetness in it and it goes pretty well with the noodles. Yum!

Here is my Hiyashi Yuasa Soba.

It has not only some pork and egg, but chopped tomato and cabbage as toppings as well...healthy looking.

It has sesame sauce on top, so I mixed it with noodles and other ingredients. It is more like a chinese version of cold pasta...don’t you think?

The noodles were firm but still chewy...I like it better that way.

I added a little spicy mustard to it. Mmm the taste became much more refreshing!

Roasted pork was...oh so flavourful!

We went to Misono Shokudo to call it a night this time, but I’d love to come back for lunch some other time…!!

We had a bottle of beer and two bowls of Ramen, but it was less than 1,000 yen each. It was a great bargain, and again, it’s very close to Wakayama Station! If you stay around Wakayama Station area, this is the place you should go for a great Ramen experience, seriously!!

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Written by 若おっさん(Waka Ossan)

I'm living in Osaka and be willing to introduce a lot gourmet information of various places in Kansai area(Osaka, Kyoto, Wakayama, Shiga...), especially attractive for middle-aged man!