Enjoying Burning Red Maple Leaves at Lake Kawaguchi and Mt. Fuji Area

I went to one of the five large lakes at the foothill of the Fuji Mountain, Kawaguchi-ko, whichi spot to see the World Heritage mountain. You can enjoy walking through the street lined with colorful trees by the lakeside, named “Momiji-no-kairo.”

Lake Kawaguchi is the most famous of the five lakes around Mt. Fuji; Japan’s highest and most famous mountain. Fuji has been the site of Kawaguchi-ko Momiji Matsuri (Autumn Leaves Festival at Lake Kawaguchi) every November. Visiting the festival was my long time dream...and this year it finally came true!

Bus or Train...Oh, Why Not Take A Wheel?

Once on the toll road, you will see beautiful red maple leaves in two hours from Tokyo. I reccomend starting your day early...unless you don't mind being stuck in traffic for a long time.

But hey, don't worry if you don't drive or are not comfortable driving somewhere unfamiliar! You can still take a bus from Kawaguchi-ko Station.

Taste Of Traditional Udon Noodle for Lunch at Kurayosh

By the time you get to the Mt. Fuji area, your stomach may start complaining of hunger…

Yoshida Udon noodle is a very local noodle that is unique to the Chubu region and is known for its tough texture. Kurayoshi is one of the most popular casual style restaurant serving this dish and I strongly reccomend!

A huge Kakiage (mixture of vegitable tempura) on top brings crunchy yumminess into your mouth!

Enjoying Colourful Maple Corridor at The Festival

Next stop: The main reason for you to take this trip...Kawaguchi-ko Momiji Festival! You should drive to the northan shore of Lake Kawaguchi, Nashikawa. If you are driving, your navigation system guides you to the right spot when you input "Nashikawa" or "Momiji No Kairoh (Maple Corridor)".

Breathtaking view of Mt. Fuji on the way... Beautiful, just beautiful.

Parking your car shouldn't be a problem..let the party begin!

Pictured above is the famous Maple Corridor.

It would be all red in just matter of time. Beautiful gradual layers of autumn hues in the maple leaves were welcoming us!

Walking the corridor of these gorgeous burning red-golden yellow maple leaves...

Be sure to look back when you reach the end of the corridor… the glorious contrast of red maple leaves and blue Mt. Fuji will catch your eyes. This beautiful and special collaboration can only be seen this time of year!

Does Glorious Momiji Fill Your Stomach? I Don't Think So...

After enjoying glorious view, it is time for craving nourishment and souvenirs! During this festival, you see many booths offering trinkets and delicious street food option... As you call it festival, you never want to miss them!

Say Good Bye To Mt. Fuji at Fuji-Yoshida Roadside Station

Roadside station provides you a coffee break and an opportunity for some last minute souvenirs. This Fuji-Yoshida Roadside Station is famous for its view of Mt. Fuji from the station. Setting sunlight covers the mountain red...beautiful.

You will find beauty in Mt. Fuji no matter the season, but I love seeing it in Autumn the most...

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