Lunch In Akihabara? Why Not Going To Jyu Daime Yazaemon For Wonderful Tuna And Sushi!

This article introduces all-you-can-eat Sushi and fresh Tuna restaurant in Akihabara’s shopping mall called Atre 2. This is definitely my favourite place to eat in the area!

Hi friends! I’d love to recommend you the restaurant which offers you great food in Akihabara area. If you are looking for a place to have lunch in the area, this is it!

Akihabara is Japan’s most famous electric town which also has Anime, Manga, Video Games, pop idols, and other Japanese popular cultures gathered up. The town is also known as Man’s Town...why? It is because the restaurants in the area offer mostly greasy and meaty food (well, it is definitely stereo type! Girls love these too, right? lol). Of course these food is good, but if you are looking for Japanese fresh seafood (especially tuna) in the area….Maguro Donya Jyu Daime Yazaemon is where you should visit!

About Maguro Donya Jyu Daime Yazaemon


There are two shopping malls called Atre in front of Akihabara Station, and Yazaemon is in Atre 2. To get there, exit from Electric Town Exit and you will see Yodobashi Camera just right next to the station building. Walk between these two.

Walking through this narrow path….

And you will see Atre 2!

Maguro Donya Jyu Daime Yazaemon is on the 4th floor in this building.

Inside Of The Restaurant

It becomes Izakaya at night, so there are many bottles of Sake, Shochu, and other alcohol beverages.

Their Famous All-You-Can-Eat Sushi

こAll-you-can-eat Sushi is their signature deal only in the weekend and national holidays! It costs 2,000 yen for an hour, you can eat 15 kinds of fresh Sushi including Maguro (tuna), salmon, Ikura (salmon roe), Ebi (shrimp), Ika (squid), etc… Can you believe that? As sidedishes, you can order Miso soup, Chawan-mushi (steamed egg hotchpotch), deep fried tuna, salad, etc.

(The image above is for illustration purposes)

Again, their all-you-can-eat Sushi is 2,000 yen and you can eat as much as you want in an hour. If you are a huge Sushi fan, this restaurant can be your heaven! Just be sure to get reservation at least three days in advance for this deal.

Lunch At Yazaemon In A Weekday

Of course Yazaemon has other meals available. I love the set meals as well. In this time, we had regular set meals.

Zuke Maguro Teishoku (Pickled Tuna Meal Set)

This is what I ordered- Zuke Maguro Teishoku, about 1,000 yen or cheaper.

Zuke Maguro is pickled tuna in soy sauce based sauce. Tuna is soaked in the sauce pretty well...tasty!

This is how I had. Put small amount of tuna on freshly cooked rice and a bit of Wasabi on top. Oh my...amazing!

There are half boiled egg, grated yam, and some other toppings come together other than Wasabi, so you can enjoy different tastes in each bite.

Grated yam and tuna are wonderful together...mmm so good!!

Miso soup and small dishes come together as well. The Teishoku made my tummy happy!

Salmon & Ikura Teishoku (Salmon & Roe Meal Set)

This is salmon and Ikura Teishoku! Beautiful salmon Sashimi slices come with rice and salmon roe on top. It was about 1,000 yen as well.

This salmon roe was wonderfully prepared…. Look at these shiny gems! It was delicious!

Whew… I can’t ask for more...

Maguro No Kama-yaki Teishoku (grilled tuna collar meal set)

Look at this huge piece of grilled tuna! Kama is meat under the fish gills (also known as collar meat). It is the best part of the fish! It was about 1,300 yen.

This is also popular menu at night.

Very juicy and it goes wonderful with rice and other side dishes… Too delicious to stop eating…!!

If you are not a fan of raw fish, I want you to try this one! I personally prefer tuna Sashimi than cooked ones, but this is exception! This tuna meat has juicy and rich sure is addictively delicious!

What do you think of Jyu Daime Yazaemon? Eat well in this wonderful seafood restaurant and get ready for walking around the area all afternoon and night!

Maguro Donya Jyu Daime Yazaemon adds wonderful food experience in your trip to Japan!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!