Let’s Quest For Your Favourite Characters At SQUARE ENIX’s Official Shop ARTNIA in Shinjuku

This article introduces ARTNIA, SQUARE ENIX’s first and only official shop in the world. SQUARE ENIX is one of the most successful video game developers in Japan. You’ll be amazed this awesome shop!

SQUARE ENIX published Dragon Quest (also known as Dragon Warrior in the North America) series, Final Fantasy series, and so many more popular video games. If you play video games since your childhood, you may have played ones from them, or you may be playing Final Fantasy XIV right now...

###「ARTNIA」The Official Shop & Cafe ARTNIA

If you call yourself a gamer, I strongly recommend you to visit SQUARE ENIX’s official shop & cafe ARTNIA!

The Head Office Of SQUARE ENIX In Shinjuku

Their head office is in Shinjuku which is the busiest area in Tokyo. 20 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station or 3 minutes from Higashi Shinjuku Station.

This unique looking commercial complex is called Shinjuku East Side Square which has SQUARE ENIX, Tokyu Hands, and other major companies as its tenants.


The Shop ARTNIA is located just by the complex. You will not miss this fancy egg shell or macaroon shaped building...it also looks like a slime (it is a monster in Dragon Quest).

The name ARTNIA is a mixture of the words of art, area, and neat. They named the shop ARTNIA in the hope that it would connect customers and their goods together. This is the first and the only official shop in the world…!

Quest In ARTNIA!

Entrance Area

TA-DA! This is it!! I can feel my heart is pounding rapidly…!

Christmas was around the corner when I visited there, so the shop was a bit christmassy.

I found a Healslime wearing a santa hat at the window! Cuuuute!!

Let’s start the quest!!

Cafe & Bar

It is all white inside and out...interesting… This is a cafe and bar area.

The cafe offers tea, coffee, dessert, etc in the day and alcohol beverages after 5pm. There are some original drinks (both cocuktail and non-alcoholic beverages) available. Isn’t it awesome having their original drinks at the only one official shop in the world!?

Fancy Area

The area called Fancy Area is located right next to the cafe & bar area. There are various goods such as stationary, stuffed toys, and others.

This is Chocobo from Final Fantasy series! I used to love this flightless bird character when I was a kid...

Oh my gosh! This is a phone case of the Imperial Scrolls of Honor from Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior)...!! Seriously, they sure know what their fans want…!!

There are more phone cases with other designs available.

These are so cute…! Sure the slimes make me smile :)

I don’t know where to go with this fluffy hat...haha

Donut-shaped pillows! I’d love to decorate my room with all these slimes…!!

Look at this Golem shaped back pack! I would buy it for my kid if I had one...haha

This is my favourite thing in their whole selection of slime goods. Too cute to miss!

This glass is not flat in the bottom, so it looks like the slime is swinging.

Chocobo again!

This must be a toxic swamp (from Dragon Warrior) mat!!

I do love it!! I just don’t know where I can put it out though…

All these goods must be designed by people who adore the video games SO much… I am enjoying myself being in the shop as well!

There are some small figures for sale too.

These brave men are the successive heros of Dragon Warrior series!

Sweets! They can be wonderful souvenir!

Luxury Area

Can you believe this is still in the shop?? I mean, this area called Luxury Area looks very different from the other areas! The goods are illuminated neatly. The Christmas tree in the middle looks cool, too!

A large piece of crystal is shining in the area and I hear the sound of the waterfall from somewhere...

Luxury Area has more expensive and luxury goods such as action figures, silver accessories, etc.

Especially the detailed action figures are must-see things in the area!

Not only thier video game character figures, but other character figures which SQUARE ENIX destributes are available. The displayed figures are changed once in a while, so you may see different figures each time of your visit.

This Cat Woman is designed by Tetsuya Nomura (15,240 yen). This beautiful and detailed figure attracted people’s eyes right after it appeared and sold out very quickly.

This is the Phantom Pain from Metal Gear Solid V. Very detailed…!

The figure above is Sora from Kingdom Hearts, and below is Tida and Chocobo from Final Fantasy. The small ones in the area is not that expensive, so it is a good idea to purchase their exclusive figures in the shop.

Other than figures, there are T-shirts, accessories, and many more goods available!

The ring has numbers of Final Fantasy series in Roman numeral. This cool ring doesn’t look like video game associated goods, right?

What do you think of ARTNIA? This is definitely a good place to get some coffee/tea, drinks, tp take pictures, and to buy fancy goods!!

f you are a gamer and in Shinjuku, ARTNIX adds super awesome and unforgettable memory to your quest in Japan!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!