Absorbed In Eating Udon Noodles In Kagawa Prefecture! ~Vol.1: Yamagoe Udon & Udon Honjin Yamadaya~

Kagawa Prefecture is famous for Udon noodles. I visited the prefecture to have good Udon noodles! In this article, I am introducing you two restaurants where I visited, called Yamagoe Udon and Udon Honjin Yamadaya.

I traveled to Shikoku region for 2 nights and 3 days, it was my first travel to the region!

A lot of Japanese tourists (including myself) visit the region for having quality of Udon noodles in Kagawa Prefecture.

Udon noodles are made of white wheat. Kagawa Prefecture in Shikoku region is very famous for the noodles in Japan.

I dreamt having Udon noodles in Kagawa Prefecture for so long! I visited one restaurant which I’ve seen on TV several times and the other one is recommended by my friends.

I’m sure this article makes you craving for this Japanese unique noodles!

Udon In Kagawa Pref. (1)Yamagoe Udon

I ordered Tsukimiyama (250 yen).

This is freshly boiled warm Udon noodles with a raw egg, chopped green onion, and grated yam on top. Pour Dashi soup in the bowl and eat! The noodles are firm but not too tough to chew, and the small size I ordered was perfect for me (I mean, I plan to eat more Udon in the other places later on this day). There are extra toppings are available upon your request.

There are some rumors saying Yamagoe Udon lost its touch… Well, I am the first timer, but their Udon noodles were just wonderful!

The sign says Ayagawa Town which Yamagoe Udon is located is the cradle of Udon noodles… Hmm, I didn’t know that!

I was excited but a bit nervous at the same time...Yamagoe Udon is what I dreamt about going for so long…!

This is their menus. All menus are surprisingly inexpensive!

This is how the restaurant looks like.

This is where I had my Tsukimiyama Udon. The garden is neatly organized.

There is a souvenir booth available as well!

Udon In Kagawa Pref. (2) Udon Honjin Yamadaya

This is the other restaurant I visited on this day. Somehow, this restaurant is very well known but I don’t see it on the Japanese famous travel magazine called Rurubu. I wonder why...

Well, anyway… I ordered Zaru Bukkake Udon (550 yen).

Bukkake Udon is cold Udon noodles with cold Dashi soup. Toppings come in separate plates which are sesame seeds, grated ginger, Sudachi citrus, grated radish, and chopped green onion. Add topping(s) in your bowl as you like. The noodles are very firm and flavourful, made my stomach oh so happy!

This wonderful noodles are sold as souvenir as well (it lasts about a month in room temparature or in the freezer, depending on what kind of noodles you get- please ask the staff for more details).

This is Udon Honjin Yamadaya’s look from the outside.

It is beautiful inside and out!

This is how the restaurant looks inside. Be seated and the staff comes and takes orders just like the other restaurants.

This is their menu card. The cheapest menu is Bukkake Udon which is 300 yen, and Niku Udon (the noodles with meat) and others are about 800 yen.

This is their souvenir listing.

This is what my wife ordered...Kama Bukkake! Freshly boiled noodles and hot Dashi soup. Mmm it was good, too!

This is samples of their souvenir selection. I was amazed by how wide their souvenir selection is…!

Okay, this is all of my Udon Noodle journey volume 1!

There are more to come… Be ready for another wonderful Udon Noodles from Kagawa Prefecture~!

→Absorbed In Eating Famous Udon Noodles In Kagawa Prefecture! ~Vol.2: Teuchi Judan Udon Baka Ichidai & Udon Yamashita~

*This article is written in Nov. 22, 2012. Please check the latest information at the official site.

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