Absorbed In Eating Famous Udon Noodles In Kagawa Prefecture! ~Vol.2: Teuchi Judan Udon Baka Ichidai & Udon Yamashita~

Visiting Kagawa Prefecture for quality of Udon noodles! I am introducing the restaurants Teuchi Judan Udon Baka Ichidai and Udon Yamashita in this article.

In my 2-nights-and-3-days-trip to Shikoku region, I’ve had Udon noodles in two wonderful Udon restaurants so far, but still, there are more restaurants I want to visit while I am in the region…! Here is another two restaurants:

Udon In Kagawa Pref. (3)Teuchi Judan Udon Baka Ichidai

I ordered Kake Udon (190 yen for small size).

Chopped green onion, grated ginger, and Tenkasu (crunchy bits of deep fried dough as a byproduct of making Tempra) are on the table, so add into your bowl as you like. If you want some extra toppings other than these three toppings, it costs extra. Noodles are easily recognized as hand-crafted and very flavourful. I liked it! It is not in the downtown area, but still in Takamatsu City (the capital of the prefecture), so I believe it is easy to find.

This is how the restaurant looks from the outside.

Inside of the restaurant.

The menus are on the wall.

This guy on the poster is called Teuchi-on, the local hero! I wonder what he fights against and what he fights for...hahaha

Udon In Kagawa Pref. (4) Udon Yamashita

So I ordered Bukkake (250 yen for small) plus Ebiten (shrimp Tempra-120 yen), so it became 370 yen in total.

Chopped onion and Tenkasu came with my Udon and Tempra. If you’d like to add some ginger, it is available on the table. The noodle’s firmness and flavour are so perfect...! This easily became my favourite Udon noodles in Kagawa Prefecture!

This is inside of Udon Yamashita.

There are a grater and a piece of ginger available on each table.

Many toppings and side dishes are available! Anything goes good with your Udon noodles for sure.

Their menus are on the wall.

Okay, four amazing Udon noodle restaurants are introduced in two articles.

Kagawa Prefecture has a nickname of Udon Prefecture becuase of its famous noodles. I wondered how good it would be… All I can say now is...each restaurant was fantastic!

What I realized is having Bukkake Udon is the best way to taste the noodle itself even though the Dashi soup which you pour on Bukkake Udon is thicker than the other noodle soups. Well, I had not only Bukkake Udon but Tsukimiyama, and other kinds of Udon noodles, just because I’d get bored if I kept eating Bukkake Udon all day, you know...

Only thing I missed in this trip was trying self-service Udon noodle restaurants in the prefecture….You can boil Udon noodles yourself to make it prefered firmness and taste in the restaurants. I’d love to try it when I come back to the prefecture next time! Awww I already want to go back for the quality Udon noodles...badly!

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*This article is written in Nov. 22, 2012. Please check the latest information at the official site.

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