Wake up early for breakfast! Delicious French toast at Hotel New Okura in Roppongi!

I went to eat their famous French toast at a luxury hotel, Hotel Okura in Minato-ku, Tokyo!

I woke up my sleepy body and went to Hotel Okura in the pouring rain!

Hotel Okura is a luxurious hotel that many VIPs stay at. I can’t afford to stay overnight, but my trip there was to eat the famous French toast at their restaurant, La Belle Epoque.

You can eat this French toast in the resltaurant even if you’re not staying at the hotel. It is known to be too delicious, and I was jeaously looking at a couple of my friends uploading photos of them on Facebook, with my mouth watering.

I love meat but I also love French toast...but I couldn’t find the time to go.

The recipe of this French toast is actually on the homepage of Hotel Okura.

How to make their French toast

  1. Soak the bread on both sides in the mixture of eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla essence, for a day (12 hours per one side).

  2. In the not-too-hot pan, put a little bit of salad oil in, and toast 1. on both sides on low heat for about 15 minutes.

  3. Pour maple syrup on or jam beside it and you’re done!

A recipe in just 3 sentences?

I also can’t believe they soak the bread for 12 hours per each side.

Even though they easily have it on their homepage, I don’t think I can make one...

Meanwhile, a friend invited me to go eat them like a month ago, so I instantly said yes. And it finally became reality today!

I was too excited for it that I arrived 30 minutes earlier, so I waited with an empty stomach. When the time we made a reservation came at 8:30, we finally went inside La Belle Epoque…!

I was so hyped up at this moment, and my stomach was growling.

That’s when they told us, “It will take about 15 minutes to toast it.”

What...I can’t eat yet?

We chatted happily, receiving unneeded info, “Only three more minutes!”, and waited for 15 minutes.

I finally was able to see them!

When you make French toast at home, if you mess up the toasting part, it’ll become too hard and heavy instead of juicy.

I was looking at the recipe beforehand, so I was thinking that maybe they’re heavy because they soak it for a whole day, but I was totally wrong.

You eat them with a knife and fork, but when you slice it with the knife, it is amazingly smooth. Like, “Did I just cut this or what?”

When you put it into your mouth, you feel the nice smell of butter.

You even need to drop your knife and fork for every bite and try to relax, to prevent yourself from eating the whole thing in seconds.

It looks like there’s a whole lot to eat, but you can finish it easily.

I actually brought my single-lens reflex camera with me for this French toast, but I was too excited that I forgot to take photos in the needed moments. Tears...

So I took one after I finished my toast.

How stupid of me…

But I definitely want to come again!


La Belle Epoque is in the annex of Hotel Okura Tokyo, on the 12th floor.

Time: 7:00-10:00

Price: ¥2,380 ※Comes with fresh fruit and prune

Other: The number of plates are limited, so it is better to make a reservation.

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Written by Tomoko"Nick"

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