Enjoy Beautiful Japanese Glass Art At Kyoto Wa-Glass Gallery In Gion

This article is about my visit to Wa-Glass Gallery in Kyoto. Beautiful and traditional patterns are on the glass by extremely delicate techniques.

Hi friends! I’m KOKORO MOYOU, who lives in Kyoto and shares the latest information of the city.

Today, I will introduce you an art gallery which has Wa-Glass in Kyoto.

This is called Wa-Glass Gion Gallery, and is located in Higashiyamaku, Kyoto City.

I visited there on 13 August 2015.

Was It Fate…? I found The Beautiful Gallery

I didn’t know there’s a Wa-Garasu Gallery in Gion. It looks like they’ve opened the gallery since last year. The sign says it is free admission, so why not to visit, right? The sign says it not only in Japanese but English and Thai. Obviously, they expect visitors both from home and abroad.

I was amazed how beautiful the gallery is!

Wa-glass is glasswork using Japanese traditional patterns which is often used as Kimono patterns etc. There are many patterns in the gallery.

Taking photographs is allowed!

I double checked with the staff and yes, you can take pictures as much as you want (but not to touch them). Many galleries/musiums in Japan don’t allow you to take pictures, so this is very kind!

1st Floor

Many glass arts are on the wall.

Can you believe these are all made of glass??

I found Sushi made of glass…! Amazing artwork!

2nd Floor

On the second floor, there are bigger sized glass art available.

This pattern was from Kimono fabric. The pattern has pictures of a pagoda, Daimonjiyama Mountain, etc...

Souvenir Shopping!

I purchased a Japanese calligraphy pen called Hanako (540 yen including tax). The pen has very pretty pattern on it.

There are so many variety of goods available. Pick some for your loved ones!

I has so much fun in the gallery!

The Wa-Glass gallery was established to keep Japanese traditional techniques which is used for Kimono, Obi band, and other traditional fabrics. Nowadays, there is much less opportunity to wear Kimonos, which means there are less craftspeople and it is getting harder to keep quality of their art. Wa-Glass art helps to preserve the beautiful artwork for long time.

You will see the new shape of Japanese traditional art in Wa-Glass Gallery! Once again, it is admission free and you are allowed to take pictures in here. Please make it here and enjoy their breathtaking artwork!

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