Kyoto sweets information: Koisuru lemon no matcha parfait from ‘Gion Koishi of Kadenkyo ame candies’

I went to a Japanese sweets café at a candy shop in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto. There, I got to try a matcha green tea parfait, which is uniquely collaborated with lemon.

Hi. This is KOKORO MOYOU, delivering Kyoto information regularly.

Today, I’m going to write about sweets in Kyoto, which I haven’t done for a while.

Introduction of ‘Gion Koishi of Kandekyo ame candies’

Today, I’m introducing the Japanese sweets shop ‘Gion Koishi of Kadenkyo ame candies’ from Higashiyama-ku in Kyoto.

As well as a retail part of the shop, they have a café formally called ‘Teahouse Koishi’, where you can eat sweets like parfaits.

I went in there and took photos on Dec 2, 2015.

This is the inside of ‘Teahouse Koishi’.

Tasting of ‘Koisuru lemon no matcha parfait’= Lemon and matcha green tea parfait with love

So, I ordered the one I went there for, ‘Koisuru lemon no matcha parfait’ (¥1180 Tax included).

It’s kind of embarrassing to order it by saying ‘love’ for a parfait, so it might be better just to point at the menu and say, ‘I’d like this one, please!’ (lol)

It didn’t take long at all until the parfait showed up.

It’s looks cute.

In a little glass, they serve lemon syrup to go with.

On top of the parfait, you can see whipped cream, red beans, shiratama dumplings, lemon and a matcha cookie.

There is lemon-flavored pudding underneath. Lemon pudding is so unusual, but the subtle sweetness match well with the lemon sourness. Matcha ice cream and vanilla ice cream are both superb. Some kanten jelly (agar) is found in the parfait, too.

It’s time for the lemon syrup! It was quite sour.

However, it actually created an exquisite taste mixed with the pudding and ice cream.

It was not too sweet and rather refreshing.

Even the melted ice cream left at the bottom was delicious.

It was tasty and I will get hooked with this quite sensational matcha parfait.

I think I’ll come back again...

Other than this parfait, you can try a parfait with brown sugar chiffon cake, the one called ‘longing for spring parfait’ with a generous amount of raspberries and many more desserts. Certainly, it is not easy to pick one!

I’d recommend this café to anybody who loves matcha sweets or Kyoto desserts. Please check it out!

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