Good News For Weight-Watchers! Try Low Carb Bran Bread From The Major Convenience Store Chain Lawson!

One of the Japanese major convenience store chains called Lawson produces its original bran bread for weight-wathcers! The bran bread has 80% less carbohydrate in it and yet tasty!

Love eating but want to keep your shape or lose some weight? I know I know...that’s everyone’s dream, right?

Hot Stuff! Low Carb Diet

Low carb diet is boiling hot in Japan since scientific research found out carbohydrate is your biggest enemy if you try to lose some weight. The low carb diet is very effective, this method has been loved by many people especially women with high sence of beauty and people who need to lose weight because of their health issues.

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The easiest way to make it happen is...not to eat bread, rice, pastas, and noodles… These are the best part of the meal!! How many people actually can do it!?

If you want to try low carb diet but can’t stop having bread (yeah, your enemy!), try bran bread from Lawson, the Japanese major convenience store chain!

What Is Bran Bread?

Contains 80% Less Carb Than Regular White Wheat Bread

Flour to make bran bread is made from hull from wheat, rice, etc in general. Lawson’s bran bread contains flour from rice and oat hull which makes the bread 80% less carb than regular bread.

Low Calories, Too!

Bread and pastries in the convenience stores are so delicious, but they often contain a lot of sugar and fat, that is an another reason to make you bigger (300-500 kcal per pastry/bread)... freaky, right? On the other hand, bran bread has not only less carb but less calories as well (100-200 kcal or less). It is definitely a good news for the weight-watchers out there!

Does It Taste Good, Though…?

Do you have doubt if it doesn’t taste good? Here’s my answer; I admit bran bread has slightly different texture than the regular white wheat bread, like it is a bit dry, but it doesn’t make you dislike to eat it. Specially the bran pastries are wonderfully delicious! I’ll show you my favourite bran bread.pastries below.

There Are Good Ones!

1: Cheese And Ham Bun

My bran-lover friends also recommend this bun with cheese and ham in the middle. Two buns are wrapped in a bag. It contains only 11.5g of carb and is 74 kcal per bun.

Soft and moist bun hugs creamy cheese and bacon!

Well, I mentioned bran bread is dry, but not this particular one! It is fluffy and moist, just like regular buns!

The bag contains two buns, you don’t even feel you are on low carb diet at all. Yeah, awesome.

2: Bran Pastry With Chocolate

When you are on a diet in any ways, you try to avoid sweets such as chocolate and other candies...which sometimes makes you want to have chocolate even more! In that case, this chocolate pastry is your savior! This pretty pastry contains 11.8g carb and 181 kcal in it. It has more calories than the bun that I showed you above, but hey, this is chocolatey one!

This muffin-looking beauty smells like cocoa powder. Good…!

This is inside of it. Yeah, it is filled with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Let me say it again, whipped cream and chocolate sauce, everyone!! Not too much or too little, just right amount of them.

The pastry itself is a bit dry, but eat it with cream and sauce doesn’t make you feel its texture much. When my appetite for sweets incleasing in my head, I choose this chocolatey pastry.

3: The Basic With A Little Secret

The last one is a basic bran bread which has 7.6g of carb and 210kcal. This particular bread is 30% less salt in it as well.

This is it! I mean, this loaf of bread is clearly made from bran… It is dry. Probably the least favourite of bran bread/pastry.

However, when you slice and toast it, it becomes sweet and fluffy, not dry and bland taste bread! This is a little secret to eat basic bran bread in tasty way.

I used this bran bread in our Christmas dinner at home this year, it was my kindness for caring my husband’s health.

Bran bread for breakfast may be a great idea and can be a game-changer on your healthy diet to begin with!

Lawson’s bran bread/pastry have so much variety with delicious taste! Try and love this amazing food without any guilt!!


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Written by Nekko

I recently got married and I’m currently living in Tokyo. I will write about cheap shopping, and tips about fashion and lifestyle.