Overnight Trip To Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 1/2

Nagoya City in Aichi Prefecture is located between Toyko and Osaka. This article introduces Nagoya’s delicious local food called Miso-katsu at the restaurant Yabaton, the world’s famous automobile manifacturer Toyota’s commemorative museum, and the beautiful night view at Oasis 21.

Nagoya City in Aichi Prefecture is one of the three major cities in Japan and is located between Tokyo and Osaka. People often take trip from Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka/Kyoto by the bullet train, from east to west or vice versa.

Let me show you the recommended itinerary for an overnight trip to Nagoya in this article.

Day 1: Going To The City

1) 9:00〜:From Tokyo To Nagoya

Let’s take a bullet train to Nagoya. The train leaving Tokyo Station at 9:00 am arrives in Nagoya at 10:40 am.

It takes an hour and 40 minutes...not bad, right? Once you get there, leave your luggage in the locker which is equipped in the station.

Whew… It always feels good to travel light! Then, let’s go to the department store called Meitetsu Department Store.

2) 11:00〜:Early Lunch At Yabaton- Enjoy Tasty Local Food Miso-Katsu

The first thing is…having Nagoya’s famous local food Miso-Katsu for lunch!

I know it is a bit early for lunch, but Yabaton is famous anc popular not only to tourists but Nagoya natives...which means there is a long waitinf line in their busy lunch time. Having early lunch is better to avoid the crowd if you want to try their famous Miso-Katsu.

Nagoya is known for its own food culture. There are many food seasoned with the original sweet and spicy Miso based sauce, and Miso-Katsu is the most known Nagoya’s local food. Freshly deep-fried pork and the sauce are unbelievably delicious together!! This sure is one of the must-eat in Nagoya.

3) 12:00〜:Taking Pictures With The Humongous Sized Girl Nana-Chan At Meitetsu Department Store

At the entrance of Meitetsu Department Store, the humongous sized mannequin doll called Nana-Chan welcomes the customers. She wears variety of clothes to promote the department store and its tenants’ products, etc. Sometimes she cosplays like anime characters. It is fun to take pictures with Nagoya’s most loved girl!

4) 12:15〜:Toyota Commemorative Museum Of Industry And Technology

The world’s famous automobile manufacturer Toyota started their business in this city. The head office is still in Nagoya. It is undeniable that Toyota’s presence has much influence to the city as being one of the three major cities in Japan.

Toyota owns its commemorative museum to introduce their technology and its history. The museum has been awarded the #1 place to visit in Nagoya on TripAdvisor in 2014 and 2015.

The museum is located in 25 minutes away from Nagoya Station on foot, or it takes 3 minutes walk from Meitetsu Sakou Train Station in Nagoya Main Line (Sakou Sta. is just one station away from Nagoya Station).

The museum desplays Toyota’s first invention; circular loom, the latest automobiles, robotic machinery, etc… You can see how Toyota has become the largest company in Japan by seeing these exhibits. There are some events/attractions available as well, so you can enjoy the museum with your five sences!

This museum is very interesting not only to adults but children! I recommend you to take couple hours at least. I guarantee you won’t regret to visit this museum for sure!! The museum closes at 5 pm.

5) 17:30〜:Dinner Time! Another Local Food Chicken Wings At Sekai No Yama-Chan

You might be hungry after walking around the city… Let’s have something tasty and another local food for dinner. Tori-Teba (chicken wings) is another popular local food in Nagoya. Wings are fried and dressed with sweet and spicy sauce which is...OH MY!! It definitely makes your tummy happy and it easily becomes the best friend with your beer.

sekai no yama-chan / kyaabo

The Izakaya restaurant I am introducing you is called Sekai No Yama-Chan which is found in Nagoya and now their business is expanded all over Japan and abroad.

Because of the schedule ahead, I recommend visiting Sekai No Yama-Chan Kinsan Otsu Branch. This branch is close to the shopping mall called Oasis 21 which is in the itinerary after dinner to see the beautiful night view. The direction to the restaurant is as follows:

Going back to nagoya Station, switch the line to Higashiyama Line to Sakae Station. The restaurant is only 3 minutes walk from the station.

6) 20:00〜:Breathtaking View From Oasis 21

Your wonderful day ends up with beautiful night view from Oasis 21! The shopping complex is about 5 minutes walk away from the restaurant.

Oasis 21 has a spacious park, bus terminals, shops, cafes, etc. The impressive and modern building attracts you for sure! To see the view, let’s walk to the top!

oasis21_2 / kamiyama

Look at this fantastic view of the city! The tall tower in far is called Nagoya TV Tower.

Night view of illuminated Nagoya TV Tower from Oasis 21 / cyber0515

It is free of charge to get to the top and it closes at 9pm.

This is recommended itinery part one of two! Let’s have a good sleep and be ready for another day in Nagoya!

⇒To be continued to Overnight Trip To Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 2/2

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!