the Okutama Lake, in the far west of Tokyo, which is called a “water jar” for people in Tokyo

This is an article about a trip to the Okutama Lake, in the far west of Tokyo, which is called a “water jar” for people in Tokyo.

I was here in Okutamako recently!

Okutamako is the reservoir created by the dam located in west Tokyo. The dam height is 149m and the reservoir’ capacity is 189 million tones. The biggest dam in Japan. The end of the dam is Yamanashi prefecture.

As an exclusive dam for water supply, it is called the largest dam in the world. It is really important reservoir for the citizen of Tokyo.

How to get to Okutamako

From Shinjuku to Okutama station is very simple. Just take a Chuou line train which connects to the Oume line directly.

From Okutama station to Okutamako, you have to take Nishi Tokyo Bus from No.2 bus stop.

It’s really a mountain but there is a bus services. Get off the bus at Okutamako.

Here we are at Okutamako!

Stroll around the artificial reservoir, Okutamako!

What you are looking at on the picture is actually only the edge of the dam and still continues really far back into the mountain. The dam was created to hold back the water along the mountain, so the shape is like a rias coastline. The left hand side on the picture is the dam.

You can walk on the dam.

The building is the watch tower. It also works as a gazebo and there are exhibition about Oukouchi dam inside.

I think it is quite scary if you come here during the night. Feels like it is a great place for horror movies.

The left hand side is the lower reaches of the river and the starting point of Tamagawa river. Tamagawa flows through the edge of Musashino Plateau to the sea beside Haneda airport. The width of the river is 500m.

Oh my god…It’s really high and scary. The picture is taken from the top of the dam looking at the bottom. I felt my heart began shrinking. No way!

I saw a lot of dragon flies in the sky.

I thought I might caught in the rain during the visit…but I was so lucky as when I arrived home suddenly started raining. Then it rained cats and dogs with thunder storms…

Okutamako is really beautiful during the cherry blossoms and the autumn season. So, I really love to come back during those seasons again.

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Written by kussy

I have worked in Tokyo for more than ten years. I live in Shanghai from the summer of 2015.