Be A Prisoner!? Enjoy Scary And Yet Fun Izakaya The Lock Up In Shibuya, Tokyo

The Lock Up is a prison-themed Izakaya restaurant in Shibuya. This article is about my scary experience being locked up!

There are some popular Izakayas like Ninja themed, space themed, etc. These Izakayas are called Theme Park Izakayas and they are getting popular in Japan. Today, I am introducing a prison themed Izakaya called The Lock Up in Shibuya!

I don’t like being in the dark. I was scared so badly. I will not go back to the Izakaya ever again, but if you don’t mind darkness and want to try something very unique Izakaya, The Lock Up is a great choice.

Prison Themed Izakaya Restaurant The Lock Up Shibuya

I and friends visited the Izakaya in August. The Lock Up is located near the Udagawa Police Booth. The Izakaya is 2nd basement of the fancy goods store Village Vanguard. The stairs and hallway to the Izakaya is dark, very dark. It scares me already and I almost peed my pants!

When we arrived and told the staff we have reservation, the staff asked us who the bad boy is in the group, so I pointed a friend who brought us here, then the staff handcuffed him! Sorry friend!

We made reservation with their course menu included all-you-can-drink. their drink menu is very unique. Their original cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks...they all look weird… And the name of drinks are like Parking Violation, Human Experiment, etc… Drinks are coming in beakers, flasks, or tubes.

I am scared...

Beer in a beaker is…..not so good...

Their food isn’t scary, though.

Salmon carpaccio, shrimps and scallops, etc...

Here’s some steaks!

And spaghetti at the end.

Oops, forgot about the dessert...freshly chopped fruits!

There are some scary shows going on in the Izakaya while we were eating. The monster runs away from the prison and acts very violently… Be careful!! I mean seriously! (Well, the monster ended up to celebrate someone’s birthday, so I guess he isn’t a bad monster...hahaha. Ask the staff if you plan someone’s birthday party in this Izakaya when you make reservation, they will celebrate with their scary way!)

If you want to try some scary and yet fun Izakaya in Tokyo or if you love horror books/movies and such, The Lock Up is a place to go!

...Me? Oh no no no, I am happy with the regular Izakayas...I am scared in the dark!

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Written by 941 (Yusuke Kushii)

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