“LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo” at Odaiba Decks: Part 1

We visited a LEGO theme park called “LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo”, located in Odaiba, Tokyo! We highly recommend this place for your family trip! In Part 1 of this article, we explain how to go to LEGO Park and introduce the games, models, workshops and so on.

For this trip we visited LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo, located in Decks Tokyo, Odaiba. According to their official explanation, the theme park is described as a “An interactive attraction that inspires your creativity, where children from 3 to 10 years old and their parents can play and learn the fun of Lego bricks”. We hear that there are more than 3 million LEGO bricks, ma’am. Actually that number is too big to grasp, isn’t it?

Ticketing for LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo

Although it was a weekday, it was pretty crowded since it was during summer vacation. Let us tell you this first: It seems like the cheapest place to purchase tickets is their official website, so if you’re interested, please click the link below.


Although we don't have much experience with LEGO bricks, they had many different facilities based on “LEGO world”, which created a space where adults, kids, boys and girls all can have fun. By the way, LEGOLAND Discovery Center is designed for kids, so you cannot enter with a group of only adults.

We Visited the Theme Park!

We got on Yurikamome, heading to Odaiba Kaihin Koen Station. Decks Tokyo Beach is a short walk from Odaiba Kaihin Koen Station.

The building next to Decks Tokyo Beach is “Madame Tussauds Tokyo”. We hear that this is also super fun, so please visit there as well.

A View from Outside and the Whole Picture

As soon as we entered the building, we found the park since the entrance is super flashy.

From the space where you line up, it is super LEGO themed.

This is the entire park. It has two-floors and is pretty spacious.


The entrance is a hollowed out LEGO doll.

We took an elevator from the reception area. There was a mirror in the elevator. This must be trying to say, “You are now entering the world of LEGO”, probably!

The entrance was factory-like: “This is how LEGO bricks are made!” Although the real factory is probably way different, this is a great, dream-like version.

This shows the number of LEGO bricks being made in real time. This was interactive.

Shooting Game

Kingdom Quest is a shooting game where you defeat a bunch of enemies as you ride a Middle Ages themed battle vehicle.

Kids shorter than 130cm must be accompanied by Adults. Although we didn’t get to try this ride this time, we would love to next time.

They have a space for strollers.

Your picture is taken during the ride, which you can purchase at this counter afterwards (Careful, photography is prohibited in the entire area).

LEGO Model!

The next thing we saw is MINILAND, a diorama of the city of Tokyo made with about 1.67 million LEGO bricks.

Look!!!!!!! It is amazing…

This really is a tiny Tokyo. Seriously.

Day turns to night too.

There were fireworks going ”booom” displayed on the wall.

This dioarma is great for photography lovers because you can take pictures from many different angles and situations. It makes me want to stay and shoot for more than an hour.

Master Builder Workshop

After you pass through MINILAND, you’ll find the Master Builder Workshop.

Here, a teacher will explain how to make different things with LEGO.

It seems like they make these types of things.

This attraction works on a time slot schedule, and I got permission to take some photos between two of the times. It’s a pretty big space.

I know this is kind of obvious, but there were so many LEGO bricks!

They show off previous students’ works.

Wait, this one says “Kid Master Builder”, so this was made by a child. Amazing…

The teacher’s hand is displayed on the screen like this.

This is what it looks like during the workshop.

The hallways are better than the attractions. They have trivia and tips about LEGO.

Here’s one thought provoking example: “In 2011, enough Lego bricks were sold that they would wrap around the Earth’s circumference more than 16 times.”

This big dragon is amazing.

We initially thought that this was a lot of LEGO bricks, but the rim is made of a cushiony material. Chaperoning adults can sit and relax on this cushion and take care of kids who are playing with the bricks. Very easy.

The fun of LEGOLAND continues! The next article is about the cafeteria, Ninja attraction and more, so stay tuned!

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