“LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo” at Odaiba Decks: Part 2

We visited a LEGO theme park called “LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo”, located in Odaiba, Tokyo! We highly recommend this place for your family trip! In Part 2 of this article, we talk about the athletic play zone, the cafeteria, Ninja attraction and more!

This is a continuation of “A Report on “LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo” at Odaiba Decks Tokyo Beach: Part 1”. The fun of LEGOLAND continues!

LEGO City Play Zone

The next area is the LEGO City Play Zone, where kids can run around!

The people in blue polo shirts are staff members. You can feel relaxed since they will keep an eye on your kids.

Here, the children’s unlimited energy is exploding…

This is the entrance of 4D Cinema. Apparently the 3D images paired with blowing wind and spraying water create a satisfying cinematic experience. We’d love to watch it next time.

This is the Merlin’s Apprentice Ride. You pedal and fly into the sky. It’s definitely fun.

Spinning round and round!

There Is Even a Cafeteria

Here at the cafeteria, the adults are taking a nice little break.

At the counter, the products name are written with LEGO bricks! Those bricks are useful everywhere, aren’t they?

Don’t worry. There are many products for kids.

Even the trays are LEGO colored, which is super cute.

There is a section where kids can play with bigger LEGO bricks in the cafeteria, which is so popular. The cute animals look professionally made.

The bricks are made of soft material to prevent kids from getting hurt.

LEGO Racers Build & Test Zone

Since you can make a car using LEGO bricks and enter it in this course, boys are playing here forever and ever.

City Builder

City Builder is an area that was just recently created, where kids can create a town themselves and play in it.

LEGO Friends

In the LEGO Friends area, there is a stage where you can sing songs.

There are photo booths near this area.

Of course we took some pictures there!

There’s Even a Party Room!

This is the party room that is set up near the cafeteria. You have to make a reservation for this party room, but we hear it is hard to reserve a room because it is very popular. Since we were there as reporters, they gave us a special peek inside. Woohoo!

It looks like this inside. They say that it is used for special birthday parties and Mommy Meetings! That sounds too much fun, doesn’t it?

As we went down the stairs and moved to a different floor…

Ninjago Traning Camp!

Quickly, push the parts that flashed! Bam bam bam!!!!

The next thing we saw was absolutely amazing! This is where you head for the goal while avoiding the lasers surrounding you! There are three difficulty levels: Rookie, Ninja and Master.

Kids were going crazy playing this, but looking at them, we adults wanted to play it too!

That was the Ninja training area. The last attraction was just amazing…

At the exit, there was a box saying, “If you accidentally brought LEGO bricks with you, please put them here.” How considerate…

Well, you got a glimpse of the fun of the LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo. Please take your kids who are bursting with energy here!

This Decks Tokyo building that LEGOLAND inhabits is also a shopping mall, so both kids and parents can enjoy it. Although for this article, we went there as a group of adults, I have to take my daughter here next time!

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Written by 941 (Yusuke Kushii)

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