MASUMI SPARKLING: The Sake Brewer Miyasaka Launched Their Famous Sake Masumi With Sparkle!

The Japanese Sake brewer Miyasaka launched sparkling Sake called MASUMI SPARKLING! You’ll love its wonderful taste and texture just I did!

Hi friends, it’s y_a_j_i who adores Sake~!

I recently descovered something new and tasty Sake called MASUMI SPARKLING. Let me share my experience here today!

The Basic- Japanese Sake MASUMI


MASUMI is brewed in Nagano Prefecture where is surrounded by beautiful mountains and has quality water. It is one of the most famous and popular Sake brands in Japan, so you see it in many Izakaya restaurants and bars. Their Sake is produced by well mixture of traditional hand crafting technique and mechanized process. It is very trastworthful Sake and it has very refreshing taste.

Dassai is another famous Sake not only in Japan but overseas. MASUMI is less flavourful than Dassai, but it means MASUMI goes good with food. Sake lovers enjoy its very dry and refreshing texture.

History Of MASUMI

MASUMI’s history has been started in 1662. A Samurai named Miyasaka who served the load Suwa Family in Nagano started his business as a brewer. He lost his priviledge as a Samurai due to his action.

The Brewer started producing Miso, soy sauce, and other traditional fermented food in 1900s, and it has become the most successful company in the prefecture (The head office of the brewer is now in Tokyo).


Sparkling Sake Is Sparkling In Japan!

Sparkling Sake contains carbonated water. It has been very popular new wave of Sake in Japan in recent days. It has been on the market but wasn’t big until the one called Mio was launched in 2011. The sparkling Sake Mio has much less alcohol contained and it is targeted at a youth market, especially young ladies. It was a smash hit!

Many brewers have followed the wave of the sparkling Sake after a huge hit of Mio.

To be honest, I am not a fan of Mio...because it is too sweet for me (I simply like Sake before Mio came out, so I am out of the range from who they are targeting to sell...if you like sweet taste beverages and want to try Sake, this is going to be your favourite one!)

Still, I was interested in sparkling Sake, so I was looking for something unsweet ones...then, I found MASUMI SPARKLING!


MASUMI SPARKLING is 5,000 yen per bottle. Yes, it is not cheap...but it is worth to pay much money! I’d love to get it again for some special occasion.

The packaging is beautiful. It is great to have it to celebrate your special moment, I bet!

Perfect Souvenir Or Gift For Your Loved Ones

It might be a tough thing to choose which Sake is good to get as souvenir or gift… There are thousands of Sake brands are available. Why I recommend MASUMI SPARKLING is that it is sparkling Sake which you may not find in your town back home. Also, its taste is simple and no strong flavour in it so it can go with any food you are having with.

Moreover, they will love the luxurious box!

This is the bottle. Looks like a champagne bottle.

I said it is carbonated, but it is not because they inject carbonated water in it, but they let the Sake fermented in the bottle to make it sparkling. The process takes over 18 months. The method is like how to make champagne. Please be careful to open the bottle just like you handle a champagne bottle. The carbonation is very strong.

Let’s Try It!

Its strong carbonation took me for a while to be able to pour in the glass...I am beyond excited!

Oh my goodness... This is wonderful!! Its carbonation does not kill the flavour of Sake at all. Seriously, this is good, like, seriously good.

I recommend you to refrigerate before having it. It is very easy-to-drink Sake because of the carbonation and you may not feel it has 12% of alcohol in it. Always remember; drink responsibly!

MASUMI SPARKLING is wonderful to both Japanese Sake lovers and the first timer to try Sake. The sparkling Sake sparkles your Sake experience for sure!

It was definitely worth to purchase~ :) :)

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!