Breathtaking View At Snowy Shisendo In Kyoto

This article is about beautiful and breathtaking winter view of Shisendo Temple in Rakuhoku area in Kyoto. Everything was covered up in snow and its quiet atmosphere was very Japanese.

Hi friends, it’s KOKORO MOYOU from Kyoto!

I am going to introduce Shisendo in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto. It was snowy day which made the scenery even more beautiful…! Shisendo’s address is as follows: 27 Monguchi-cho, Ichijo-ji, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City 606-8154


I visited there on 18 December 2014.

Snowy Shisendo

It was unlikely snowy day in Kyoto, but it gave me a wonderful chance to take pictures of Shisendo with snow. Shisendo has the beautiful garden and great atmosphere. I strongly recommend you to visit, especially in the snowy day like this.

History Of Shisendo

Shisendo is officially named Shisendo Jouzanji Temple. The temple worships Meroufu Kannon.

The temple was originally built by and for Jouzan Ishikawa, who served the Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa (who started Tokugawa Shogunate) to live after his retirement in 1641. Jouzan made the famous painters such as Tanyu Kouno to draw paintings of thirty six Chinese poets and had desplayed them with the poets’ famous poetry on the wall. The room desplaying the paintings is called Shisen No Ma, which is the origin of its name of the temple. Shisendo has become the part of Soto sect temples in 1966.

Jouzan-ji Temple has an another name Outotsu-ka which means the residence on the rugged ground. Shisendo is actually only a part of Outotsu-ka, and Outotsu-ka has other rooms/buildings included such as Shirakusou.

Shisendo With Snow

The Entrance And Stairways

Very quiet and peaceful...

After the first gate, you see Roubaikan.

It has uniquely shaped windows.

Let it snow, let it snow...

The Garden With Layered Snow

The garden has created in Chinese style which Jouzan adored.

This is the view of the garden in front of Shisen No Ma.

The garden has been designed to show its beauty from each room in each season.

Listen to silence...such a peaceful moment.

The garden of Satsuki Azalea and white sand covered with snow.

Ripple mark which is the symbol of Japanese traditional gardens was covered with layered snow.

This beautiful red crape myrtle got some snow, too!

View From Outotsu-ka

This is from Shisen No Ma.

The view from Shirakusou.

Breathtakingly beautiful view in such a quiet and snowy day in Rakuhoku area, Kyoto...

The Garden

You can walk around in the garden. Let’s take some close look.

Bamboo trees with snow… This is very rare to see…!

The snowy garden was wonderfuly reflected on the pond.

This is the view of Zangetsuken the tea room.

This is called Shishii-odoshi (also known as Souzu). This device is made to scare away birds and animals damaging the garden.

This view is around Shougetsurou.

What do you think of the temple? It is very Japanese, isn’t it?

There are Kinkakuji Temple, Kiyomizudera Temple, and many other popular temples in Kyoto and many tourists visit to see them covered with snow, but I believe the view of Shisendo Temple in a snowy day is even more Japanese than anywhere else.

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