A trendy candy shop opened in Gion, Kyoto! CANDY SHOW TIME

I’ll be introducing a new candy shop in Gion, Kyoto. As the name CANDY SHOW TIME explains, this is the place that people can watch a process of candy making as if it’s a fun entertainment.

I noticed there was a newly opened shop on Shijo Avenue! So, I popped in there♡

It was a candy shop.


CANDY SHOW TIME is a candy shop originally from Omotesando in Tokyo. They show a process of unique candy making right in front of your eyes as if you’re watching an entertaining show. The concept of the shop is to enjoy both watching and eating!

Their candies are uniquely shaped into a cylinder shape with cute designs or patterns on a surface and sides. There are so many adorable candies in the shop.

It is fun to choose from various combinations of different flavors, such as cola and soda pop, mint and mint ♪

They have other selections of sweets, not just candies.

I’ve never seen the mini-yatsuhashi called ‘Kotabe’ (lol) as opposed to the typical Kyoto souvenir ‘Otabe’.

Surprisingly, they even have jewelries in candy shapes! Stud earrings, dangling earrings, necklaces...all so pretty.

Great shopping as Kyoto souvenirs

Kyoto mix includes Torii shrine gates and flower patterns both symbolize Kyoto, so it would be good as a Kyoto souvenir.

Nameko Saibai Kit is based on a smartphone game that became huge in Japan several years ago. Various Nameko mushroom characters from that are popular. I got this packet, even though the Nameko characters are nothing to do with Kyoto...but they are cute anyway and it can’t be helped. lol

This shop is easily spotted when you walk along Shijo Avenue, so please pop in for a Kyoto souvenir. It’s definitely awesome for both your eyes and your tongue♪

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Written by Yumiko Takahashi

I stroll all over Kyoto every weekend, cause I'm deeply fascinated by Kyoto. I write my blog as I follow my feeling.