Love Steak? Feast Thick Beef Steaks At Ikinari Steak On The Meat Day!

If you are looking for some good (and yet reasonable) Wagyu bee steak in Japan, try Ikinari Steak! It is a stand-up-eating steak restaurant which gets everyone’s attention in recent days.

Hi there! I’m Tomoko Nick who shares great food information from Tokyo...mostly meaty ;)

What Is The Meat Day?

29th of every month is known as the meat day in Japan. When the day gets closer, I’m getting headache… I need to think where I go for the day to eat quality meat! Oh, and can you guess why we call 29th as the meat day? Ni is 2 and Ku is 9 in Japanese, so it becomes Niku (29) together which means meat in Japanese. It is a kind of verbal play.

My friend invited me to come with her for pre-open event of Ikinari Steak in Sangenjaya, Tokyo the other day. Oh I am beyond excitd!

Explore Inside Of Ikinari Steak!

Cheers with beers!

This is pre-open event, so it didn’t cost me anything… Today must be my lucky day!

First of all, Ikinari Steak has begun to be the hottest restaurant all over Tokyo in recent days. Their unique stand-up-eating style restaurant attracts people. “Ikinari” means “straight away” or “at the very beginning of” in Japanese. Their concept is skip appetizers, feast the steak from the beginning to the end!

This is how the table looks like. There are some kinds of sauces, paper aprons, silverwares on it. There are variety of seasonings available.

This jar has warm steak sauce...shaked it and poured some on my steak… Mmm, it was very good with their thick steaks!!

Some Wasabi in far and grated garlic in front of the picture above.

I LOVE garlicky stuff! I know it smells...but who cares? Garlic stimulates my appetite!

There are some funny sayings on the walls… Some don’t even make sense…

The one above says “heavyweight = good diet & be powerful.”

This one says “cut and fry, eat much beef, and be more powerful.”

I have no idea what it really means, but I agree to eat much beef!!

...Hmm, maybe it wants to tell us that their meat is freshly cooked in the restaurant or something…?

This is theit menu card...many kinds of meat should be available when it is open, but today is the pre-open 300g of spencer roll steak was only available at this moment.

Beautiful Spencer Roll Appears In Front Of You

Look this beautiful spencer roll…!!

Of course get it thick…!

Look how big and thick this is! 312g of Wagyu spencer roll steak for 1,872 yen? That’s very much reasonable!!

Let’s Start Feast!

You can see how your steak is being cooked.

The chefs have clear coloured masks on their faces. Probably for good hygine or protecting themselves from smoke...just guessing!

These are our steaks!! Oh... the view of three thick steaks makes me feel heavenly wonderful...

Closer look!

They recommend our steaks rare! Sure, we asked for our steaks rare as they recommended.

It didn’t take me long to eat the thick and huge steaks! Oh they were SOOOO good!!

...Yeah, I had two of became 600g in total. Can you believe that I had it all myself? My mission was accomplished! hahaha

If you are craving some good (and reasonable priced) steaks, Ikinari Steak is the place you should run into! You can find the restaurant not only in Sangenjaya but in many places in Tokyo. Enjoy good meat!!

Oh I’m stuffed…. Gochisou Samadeshita (thank you for the meal),Ikinari Steak! We’ll see you again soon!!

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