100% Japanese beef Hamburg lunch at Kyoto’s best Hamburg steak restaurant, HAMBURG LABO

We introduce a Hamburg restaurant in Kyoto city named HAMBURG LABO in this article. You can enjoy Hamburg steaks using fresh and expensive Japanese beef for only 1200 yen.

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This article is about a Hamburg restaurant in Kyoto city that makes 100% Japanese beef Hamburg steaks.

Introduction to HAMBURG LABO in Shimogyo-ku

HAMBURG LABO is in Shijo Sagaru, Nishinotoin Dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City. I visited this place on September 3rd, 2015.

HAMBURG LABO is a very famous place for its Hamburg steaks in Kyoto.

How it looks outside.

Here's the inside.

They seemed to have table seats in the back, but today I was offered a counter seat.

Here's the menu.

For lunch menus, you can choose from Hamburg steak lunch, Diced Steak lunch, Steak lunch, and Hamburg & Diced Steak Double Combo lunch.

Their recommendation is the Hamburg steak. It says on their menu, “We use the freshest Japanese beef for our Hamburg steaks that you can even eat them raw!”

You can choose the type and size of meat, and the kind of sauce you want with it.

The sauce they have are Green Onion Salt, Japanese Soy Sauce, and Demi Glace.

You can also choose rice or bread.

There were also menus like “Japanese Beef Steak Don” (bowl of rice with Japanese beef steak on top).

Ordered the Japanese beef Hamburg steak!

I ordered “100% Japanese Beef Hamburg Steak M Size (200g)” for 1200 yen including tax. I chose the Demi Glace sauce.

After a while, here they came!

The steak is in the middle, with salad, soup and rice on the side.

I also loved the wooden board they came on. It's a Western dish, but they add bits of Japanese essence to the food and the atmosphere.

Macaroni comes as a side dish. They are flavored with curry. Yum!

100% Japanese beef Hamburg steak.

When you cut them with chopsticks, the gravy pours out.

Eating them with plenty of Demi Glace sauce.

The inside is fluffy and soft, and it melts in your mouth.

The richness of the flavor is so delicious!!

The sauce isn't too salty, and it matches the meat perfectly.

Rice, salad and soup were all very good.

1200 yen for this lunch was too delicious for its price.

I think I'm coming here again very soon!

I want to try the Japanese soy sauce or green onion salt with the steak next time!

I also wrote an article about casual restaurants in Kyoto where you can eat Japanese beef diced steak, but I highly recommend HAMBURG LABO as well.

Please make sure to check them out both!

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