¥90/plate during the week! I tried sushi in the famous sushi train chain, ‘Hama zushi’!

I’m writing a report on the famous sushi train chain called ‘Hamazushi’, where you can eat sushi for ¥90/plate.

Hi! I’m Waka Ossan from Osaka.

Although I had written about many sushi train chains, such as ‘Sushiro’ or ‘Daiki Suisan’ where every Japanese person would recognize, I never had a chance to eat at ‘Hamazushi’!

Hamazushi is also a nationwide chain and you see it everywhere, and I went to ‘Hamazushi Kishiwada Yasaka branch’ with my family today.

The inside of ‘Hamazushi’

We got there early for dinner on a weekday, so there were still some empty seats. However, because of the reasonable price of ¥90/plate, I would recommend to get there early as possible.

You’ll see typical sushi train booths and seats inside.

Introducing what we ate there

We ordered a lot! Let me go over them one by one.

Engawa fluke fin is considered as the king of sushi from white fish. Its texture is slightly plump and chewy.

I noticed a bit of a peculiar flavor here, but it was thick and tasty.

Crunchy cheesy french fries have real thick sauce on top. I like them!

Unlike a fancy suchi restaurant, it is kind of fun that you can order junk food like these here.

Kamo soba was really special! Yuzu citrus zest made the dark rich soup aromatic and delicious. (It’s a kind of soba noodle dishes with sweeter soup. It has sliced duck meat on top.)

I have tried many varieties of noodles such as ramen and udon at sushi train restaurants, but I think that this Kamo soba is the very best of all!

The bottom plate is Tobiko (flying fish roe) and the top one is called Maguro yukke(raw tuna and egg yolk in a Korean sauce). Both were good.

Tuna is on the front plate. The back is with Maguro yukke.

Maguro yukke had a rich flavor and I liked it.

Taramayo (processed cod roe in mayonnaise) and Kanimayo (flaked crab meat in mayonnaise) were both super delicious! The mayonnaise was mild and rich!

You won’t see these non-authentic sushi in a fancy sushi restaurant, but it might actually be easier and tastier for overseas tourists. The smell of fish is hardly noticable in this way, and the flavor is more distinct. I even like this sort of sushi.

Seared salmon topped with cheese was also rich! There is no way you see sushi like this in a traditional sushi restaurant!

At first, I was shocked with the amount of its fat. However, I enjoyed it because it was’t actually heavy like meat fat.

I ordered extra tuna as shown on the left plate. It was enjoyable as expected.

Sio Hamachi (young yellowtail) is flavoured with salt instead of soy sauce…but I couldn’t taste much salt. So, I ended up dipping it into soy sauce.

Next up is onion and salmon. A simple combination of onion and mayonnaise makes the salmon taste unique and amazing! It’s perfect with plenty of onion on top.

Engawa wasabi was fluke fin marinated in a sauce with wasabi leaves. It was in the Gunkan-maki style (rolls in a warship shape) with lots of toppings, it was great tasting sushi.

We’re not done yet! Next, it’s time for soy-marinated tuna.

We don’t dip it into soysauce, but we eat it as it is since it was already marinated in soy sauce. This is a typical Edo-style sushi. It’s moist and tasty!

Hamachi (young yellowtail) was good as well, but I may prefer the one from the rival ‘Sushiro’ sushi train.

It’s a close competition, but that’s how I felt when I ate it.

Lastly, we had Matcha ice cream!

With the recent summer heat, an ice cream season is officially here, and we were more than happy with the scrumptious ice cream!

So, it was our first visit to Hamazushi, and it was excellent!

There weren’t just ordinary sushi but some unique ones, and overall, I would say it was very creative.

Moreover, our family ate a total of 31 plates, but as mentioned at the beginning, each plate only cost ¥97/plate including tax…so, it was unbelievably cheap ¥3007 in total! We also had some extra stuff, such as noodles and miso soup, but it was still only ¥4087. Sushi dinner for ¥1000 per person…that’s cheap, extremely cheap!

I would recommend ‘Hamazushi’ for anybody wanting to eat at a sushi train at a reasonable price!

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Written by 若おっさん(Waka Ossan)

I'm living in Osaka and be willing to introduce a lot gourmet information of various places in Kansai area(Osaka, Kyoto, Wakayama, Shiga...), especially attractive for middle-aged man!