Fukubukuro: The Sealed Lucky Bag From Design Tshirts Store Graniph In 2016

This article reveals inside of the sealed lucky bags I got from the clothing store called Design Tshirts Store Granph in the new year’s day sale.

Hi everyone, happy new year! It is time to shop the sealed lucky bag… I sure got some!!

What Is Fukubukuro?

Fukubukuro is often a sealed paper bag with merchandises in it. This unique bags are sold only in the new year’s day and little after. Clothes are popular merchandise in the bag, but it can be electronics, accessories, luxury wines, aged whiskies, and so much more!

Fukubukuro culture started as clearing the stock in the stores in the beginning, so many merchandises are discounted. Some people wait in line in front of the department stores on the new year’s eve in nowadays. Many shops and brands put their rare and worthy products in the bags, it becomes not only to clear their stock but to promote their products. In fact, many tourists come from overseas just to get Fukubukuro!

Good Tool For Communication!

Sometimes you get something you don’t want to keep (again, you don’t see what the bag contains when you buy it)... In that case, why don’t you trade it with friends? We do it all the time with nice chat like “Oh I love the necklace you got!” “Oh...I’m going to trade this with someone…” hahaha It is fun moment!

When I see friends for the first time in the year...

”Is that what you got in Fukubukuro?”

”You really got a good one!”

We talk about what we got and such.

Some people research which stores have what in Fukubukuro before they go to the store. They get information from people’s blogs, SNS, etc...

Design Tshirts Store Graniph

I get Fukubukuro from Design Tshirts Store Graniph in every year! I love their unique and original T-shirts, sweat shirts, etc. The store is popular to youger people in Japan.

Their Fukubukuro is 5,400 yen and the bag contains 7 different T-shirts/sweat shirts. You pay 5,400 yen for a bag but it is over 20,000 yen worth in total.


Fukubukuro For Ladies

These are what I got in Fukubukuro in this year!

The first one has a weird creature drawing on it…”You’ll never find a rainbow if you are looking down” Such a deep thing to say!

New York!

A book shelf on a T-shirt.

This one has many animals lined up neatly! Aren’t they cute??

Buddha on the T-shirt! This is my favourite T-shirt!

A bicycle is well blended in calavera the Mexican skull!

This sweat shirt has stars and moon!

This is what I got in the ladies Fukubukuro in this year! I am so satisfied what I got! Can’t wait to put them on!!

Fukubukuro For Men

It may be unusual to you, but I always get Fukubukuro for both men and women.

I bought one in S size and the clothes were bigger than I thought, so I got SS size in this year.

Sweat shirt with a bike and says Brooklyn!

A dog having a pipe in his mouth and wearing a nice hat.

A plain white shirt with drawing of a car.

Picture of savanna on a T-shirt!

Slow & steady! Well said, Mr. Turtle!

A pink shirt with a control bear (this character is created by an artist Nagatake Uehara).

The last thing in the Fukubukuro has a cute elephant!

They said some Fukubukuros in this year have some extra gifts, but mine didn’t have it...sad...but all T-shirts and sweat shirts I got are cute and sassy! I am more than happy about them :)

I’m getting excited to weat them!!

⇒If you are interested more about Fukubukuro, I have an another article revealing it in 2015!

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Written by Kinako Kashiwagi

Lives in Hiroshima. I draw comics and illustrations. My hobby is traveling alone. I want to visit every prefecture in Japan!