Japanese Traditional Sweets Mitarashi-Dango & Matcha Warabimochi At Umezono In Kyoto

This is my sweets journey at the teahouse Umezono in Kyoto. Their famous Mitarashi-Dango and Matcha Warabimochi were very tasty!

Hello friends, it’s KOKORO MOYOU! I’ve been writing about the scenery and temples in Kyoto for a while… Today, I am going to share my wonderful sweets journey at the teahouse called Umezono in the city.

Which Traditional Sweets Are They?

In this time, I tried Mitarashi-Dango and Warabimochi. Both are typical Japanese traditional sweets.


Dango is round shaped sweet and sticky rice cake in general. Mitarashi-Dango is one of the Dango kinds. Mitarashi-Dango is dressed with sweet and salty sauce.


Warabimochi is jelly-like confection made from bracken starch, water. ans some suger. The regular Warabimochi is covered by or dipped in soy bean flour called Kinako, but in this time, I had one covered with Matcha flavoured Kinako.

Amatou Chaya Umezono

The teahouse (cafe) I visited is called Amatou Chaya Umezono Kawaramachi Branch in Chukyo-ku, Kyoto. It was 10 September 2015.

Inside Of Umezono

This is the entrance. It is a bit nostalgic looking. Umezono has started their business since 1927.

The inside of Umezono.


Their menu cards have pictures on, so you can see what they have and how they look like.


I came here to try these two…! Mitarashi-Dango and Matcha Warabimochi (670 yen including tax).

Taste Of Matcha Warabimochi

Let’s have this beauty first!

It is very soft and rich Matcha flavour comes with it.

Mmm, tasty!

Taste Of Mitarashi-Dango

This is Mitarashi-Dango. Dango is lightly grilled and dressed with the sauce. Mmm lookin’ good...

Most Dangos are round shapes, but Umezono serves it in squares. This is not too big or small, it is easy to eat!

Also, the skewers are not too long, so it is easy to handle (Dango on the long skewer gives us hard time to handle sometimes…). No mess with this short skewers!

The texture is firm.

Very well balanced of sweetness and saltiness in the sauce. Delicious…!

It is very tastful and delicate flavoured sweets.

I’d love to come back for their wonderful sweets again!

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