The Snow Festival in Hokkaido! We Went to the Sapporo Yuki Matsuri: Strolling and Eating

We went to the festival of snow and ice statues, “Sapporo Yuki Matsuri”, which happens in Sapporo, Hokkaido, every year! In this article, we’ll introduce how we enjoyed the delicious food of Hokkaido as we walked around the food stands in the festival.

Picking up from “The Snow Festival in Hokkaido! We Went to Sapporo Yuki Matsuri: Snow Statues”, we’ll continue our report on the snow festival!

The Shops and Stands

There were many food stands among the snow statues in each location. Although before we went, we were worried about where to have lunch at before, we had no problem regarding food since there were a crazy number of food stands. You might even want to keep your stomach empty and enjoy the food when you get there!

A Great Selection of Gift Shops

There were many shops that sold gifts unique to Hokkaido.

I don't know why, but Matryoshkas were on sale! Maybe they're related because they’re Russia and Hokkaido are both snow countries?

Free Miso Soup Service

This is the booth for Marukome, Japan’s big miso brand. We were able to have hot miso soup for free. It’s an amazing service when it’s cold, isn’t it?

Delicious Crab Soup

It was extremely snowy when we arrived, but we came all the way to Sapporo, so we had to eat something! We were walking around in front of the food stands at Block 4.

We wanted to eat something warm, so we had this fisherman’s crab soup (500 yen for one bowl), which contains three different kinds of crab. Although it is warm and delicious, it gets cold so fast since snow keeps getting inside the soup!

This character was born and raised in Kushiro and loves deep-fried chicken: “Zangiri Samurai”. I feel like he looks similar to Ohizumi Yo, the actor and comedian from Hokkaido… Haha.

A Variety of Foreign Food Stands

There were multinational cuisines like Brazilian Churrasco.

The meat looks delicious! As the staff member says it’s better to eat it while the snow has stopped, I might eat it now~.

Here it is! This is the “churrasco” I bought. It was just 500 yen for a bowl, but I got lots of meat on top of the cabbage! It’s delicious, but this gets cold quickly~. We ate it in a hurry.

A Hokkaido Specialty, Squid Rice!

This is “Ikakkomeshi”, a bite-size ikameshi. Ikameshi is a steamed dish, where sticky rice is packed inside squid meat[KA1] , and tastes sweet and salty. It’s a popular dish in Hokkaido, but this bite-sized one is very rare! It was easy to eat and delicious~.

The “Hokkaido Food Plaza” at Block 6

This is the “Hokkaido Food Plaza” located at Block 6, which I mentioned in the “Snow Statue” article. The tastes of each area in Hokkaido all meet together here in Block 6. There are many different kinds of food including ramen, teppanyaki, Mongolian food, crab buns, sea urchin rice, and scallop soup. I can’t decide!

There was a bigger sized version of ikameshi, which I mentioned earlier.

All the Delicious Food of Hokkaido, Here We Come!

Here, an old man is working hard to cook the scallops. It smells wonderful…

It says, “Nice and Hot Pure White, 1 for 300 yen”. Pure White is a new kind of corn that was born in Hokkaido after advances in breeding techniques. To our surprise, you can eat it raw! The crispy feel and the tender sweetness are what makes Pure White unique, and there are many people who specifically order it from Hokkaido (The steamed version was sold in this store).

Seafood was also on sale, including the popular crab. This place specifically felt like a market.

Block 1

Block 1 is near the radio tower. There was a temporary dome set up right in front of the tower.

Are they drinking inside? They still want to drink during this cold weather, huh.

A Smoking Room Made of Ice!

Do you smoke? Have no fear! They had a smoking room, and the building was kind of unique. It’s made of ice!

What did you think? We initially thought that this snow festival was just a bunch of snow statues lined up, but it was actually a real festival. There were lots of food and gift shops. I was a little unfortunate we had to rush our sightseeing this time. We wanted to eat all the great food without thinking about the time.

Please read the main article on this festival, which talks about the snow statues!

The Snow Festival in Hokkaido! We Went to Sapporo Yuki Matsuri: Snow Statues

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Written by TABIZU

I love to go on a trip each season, to stroll markets for finding dainty foods, and to soak in a hot spring more than anything.