One Day Trip To Mt. Fuji, The Most Famous Japanese Mountain In Mid Summer!

This article is about my one day hike to Mt. Fuji through Fujinomiya Trail in August.

Hi, I’m Kussy here!

I love climbing Mt. Fuji, I go there dozens of times in every year. This is about my one day trip to Mt. Fuji in such a hot summer.

Mt. Fuji In August

It was middle of August which is the perfect time to climb! It means it is the busy time with hikers, but it doesn’t bother me much.

If you climb Mt. fuji in the other season(s), you may get frozen (no kidding!), so again, summer is the best season. Plus, it was wonderful weather in that day.

Let’s Start Trekking!

Fujinomiya Trail

There are some trails you can trek with, I chose Fujinomiya Trail this time. The trail starts from 5th station of Mt. Fuji. You can drive to the station or take a bus from Kawaguchi-ko Train Station.

5th Station At 2,400m High

It was 18℃ (64°F) around the station area... The temperature makes me feel so refreshed and realize myself being out of the city. Tokyo and Yokohama area get 38℃ (100°F) or above and the humidity makes me depressed badly…!

This station is already 2,400m above the sea level, so I need to walk only about 1,400m! Fujinomiya Trail is the shortest trail, so not too worry to be tired or so.

Trek The Mountain In Beautiful Weather

Look at the super clear sky! Beautiful, isn’t it?

Well, only sad thing is...I can’t see the view below us because it is cloudy… Yes, I am already above the clouds!

Well…..the weather is good, but it is hot!

I personally prefer trekking Mt. Fuji in rain a bit or cloudy weather. Climbing in a sunny day is actually the hardest, I think. No matter how cold it is, I get hot and sweaty while I trek, and the sun makes me even more sweaty! Hahaha

Taking A Break At The Hut

Not only in Mt. Fuji, but most mountains in Japan have huts/rest houses available. Most huts in Fujinomiya Trail are facing to the south which means they get really hot when it is sunny…

Good thing is...sometimes they sell ice cream! Of course I have it :)

More Climbing...

getting out of the hut and re-start climbing...I see the clouds are following me! They give me some shades...Wow, that’s very kind of you, clouds!

Arriving To The Top Of Mt. Fuji

This is AWESOME!! I see the trail has been busy with people, but I made it!

I actually trekked Mt. Fuji last week too (I told you I love climbing this mountain in the beginning of the article, right? ), but the trail was almost empty at that time. I guess people prefer to trek in a sunny day...hahaha

Walking around a bit… I see Yoshida and Subashiri trails too. The huts are surrounded by lava...The view is very different from any other mountains!

Lunch At The Hut

The hut restaurant has curry, Udon noodles, beef bowl, etc. The signature meal in this hut Yamaguchiya is called Piri-kara Udon (spicy Udon noodles).

I ordered Miso Ramen in this time, though! It has chopped green onion and bamboo shoots etc, just like Ramen in town! Sometimes I get lousy food in the huts (I don’t complain, I understand they have very limited ingredients brought to the top of the mountain), but it was good!

The Busiest Time

Again, it was sunny weekend, so there are many climbers in the mountain and the trails get rough, so bulldozers are working hard!

Plus, there are events called Mt. Fuji Round Trip Maranic (marathon + picnic) going on that day and Mt. Fuji Marathon Relay Race is about to happen in the next day! Probably this weekend is the busiest day!

Leaving The Mountain

See the view from the top, and start walking down.

Whew...I am so sweaty and dehydrated a little… I know I am weak to heat…

Besides my weakness to heat, it was wonderful and easy trekking on Fujinomiya Trail! My backpack was light (about 3.5kg) which helps me too, I think...

Relaxed At Onsen (Hot Spring) After Trekking

I take Tomei Expressway to Tokyo from Mt. Fuji.

I stopped by at Ashigara Service Area. Service Area is a parking area for drivers to take some rest, and it has restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops. Ashigara Service Area has Onsen (hot spring) facility!

Soaking yourself in Onsen after trekking is the must-thing to do! There are many Onsen facilities in the bottom of Mt. Fuji, but I chose one in the service area… It wasn’t busy with other people, so I get relaxed so much.

This is my dinner. Fresh seafood bowl with half boiled egg on top and Miso soup. Mmm, delicious.

Climbing Mt. Fuji, bathing in Onsen, and eating such a delicious food… If I keep doing this in every weekend, I probably gain weight just because I eat more than I should...hahaha

There’s no traffic on my way home in Yokohama...Mt. Fuji is easy to access from Kanto region. That is another reason I love going there!

What a perfect weekend!

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