What’s in a 2016 Fukubukuro? We Tried a 70% OFF Mystery Bag at Gready Brilliant

We bought a markdown mystery bag on ZOZOTOWN, the biggest fashion online store in Japan. Here’s what was inside.

It’s 2016… Happy New Year! We bought a Fukubukuro (Mystery Bag) for the first time in a long time, and we’d like to share what we got with you here. Fukubukuro are bags that are full of products but sold at very reasonable prices. They are sold on New Year’s Day in Japan. If you’d like to learn more about Fukubukuros, please read this article.

We Bought a Fukubukuro Online

Let’s Do Some Research on Fukubukuros

As they get more and more popular and popular every year, each brand tries to attract customers in various ways, like putting a rare product in the bag or announcing what’s going to be inside the bag in advance on the Internet. As a result, now you can reserve, purchase, and receive Fukubukuros online from many brands.

Let’s Buy Fukubukuros after Markdown!

Although it is fun to get a popular Fukubukuro on January 1st, this time we recommend you to buy the ones that get even cheaper after January 5th!

We’d like to recommend ZOZOTOWN, an online site that specilizes in fashion goods. Although some Fukubukuros are so popular that they sell out so fast, some of them are still left unsold. You can get Fukubukuros for an extremely reasonable price if you keep checking the discount rate and find the best timing to buy.

It might be challenging to shop online while you’re traveling, but ask the staff of the hotel you’re staying at and give it a try.

Here are the Contents of the Fukubukuro

This time we decided to try the Fukubukuro from Greddy Brilliant, a boutique with different brands.

70% OFF Fukubukuro!

Although it was 15000 yen when I checked around January 5th, when I checked again around January 10th, it was just 10000 yen! I thought, “This is it!” and bought it.

Since the total amount was originally 32700 yen, it was almost 70% off. Amazing!

Let’s take a look inside.

Fleece Lined Asymmetric Coat

The first one is this black coat. We felt like it’s already worth 10,000 yen just for this coat.

It uses cotton around the neck, and it is very warm. Also it looks cute!

Because fleece material is used inside the coat, it feels nice on your skin and keeps you very warm.

Silket Wide Stripe

Next is this black and white stripe knit. The squared neck is a trendy design. We think this is nice.

Although they call it “knit”, the material is pretty thin, so you can probably wear it in spring with a camisole inside. When it’s still cold, you can wear a shirt inside.

Easy Pants (Khaki)

Last is these khaki easy pants. It’s a very useful piece for both work and private life.

You can roll up the hem for a casual look, and the material is loose, which is great for all seasons.

Although it has a solid look, it uses elastic around the waist, which is so comfortable…! This might spoil my body, which is already spoiled by the New Year’s feast. No good. Haha.

Even just these three pieces cordinate well together, and they’re all easy to match with various types of fashion. Wonderful~!

If you see the ZOZOTOWN website, you can still find Fukubukuros from 2016. We have a proverb in Japan, “There is good fortune in leftovers.” Please get your own affordable Fukubukuro, even today!

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Written by Nekko

I recently got married and I’m currently living in Tokyo. I will write about cheap shopping, and tips about fashion and lifestyle.