The Highest Bungee Jump in Japan! We Jumped at the Ryujin Ohtsurihashi Bungee Jump in Ibaraki!

We tried bungee jumping at Ryujin Ohtsuruhashi, located in Ibaraki prefecture. In this article, we’ll introduce our experience there as well as how to get there and how to make a reservation.

It was December of 2015. The end of the year was a lot warmer than usual… A few of my college friends and I decided to go bungee jumping, to blow everything bad about 2015 away and greet the New Year.

Bungee Jumping at Ryujin Ohtsuruhashi in Ibaraki

Our destination was the Ryujin Ohtsuruhashi Bungee Jump in Ibaraki prefecture. It is said to be Japan’s highest bungee jump, 100 meters.

This bridge is called “Ryujin Ohtsuruhashi” since it is shaped like a “ryujin” (“dragon god”) as the name suggests. We jump from this bridge to the lake below… just thinking about it makes me scared.

Because the bridge is surrounded by a beautiful gorge, it is also famous as a viewing spot for autumn leaves. Jumping in the midst of amazing autumn scenery sounds great, doesn’t it?


If you are planning to take a train, catch the express train called “Tokiwa” from Ueno Station (JR Yamanote Line) and get off at Mito Station. It takes about an hour and 15 minutes. From the Mito Station, catch an Ibaraki Kohtsu Bus to “Shimotakakura” or “Shimotakakura Daigo”. Either one is fine. Then get off at the bus stop in front of Ryujin Ohtsuruhashi. Since the bus ride is about 40 minutes, the whole trip takes about 3 hours. It might be better to catch a train if your group is small since it’ll even take about 3 hours by car.

As soon as you get there, you’ll see people bungee jumping from the bridge.

Wow, he jumped!

I wonder what he feels while he’s hanging down there… At this point, all I can do is imagine. This is when I felt a bit scared. Haha.

How To Make a Reservation

This bungee jump requires a reservation in advance. You can make a reservation in English online, so make sure to do so. Also remember, you must arrive at the bridge 30 minutes before your reservation time.

→Reservation Website (English)


The price is 15,000 yen per jump. If you jump more than two times on the same day, it is 7000 yen per jump after your first jump.

Although it’s definitely not cheap, I think it’s an appropriate price if you think this is how much your life is worth. Haha.

Finally! My Report on the Bungee Jumping Experience at Ryujin Ohtsuruhashi

Although I was shaking a bit, I finally went to the front.

Preparing before the Jump

After we finished going through the process of weighing ourselves on the scale and typing the necessary information on their iPad, they let us fasten our safety-belts.

We are all prepared.

Even Crossing the Bridge is Thrilling

Unexpectedly, the scariest part might be when you cross this bridge. My legs started shaking a bit when I saw how far it is from here to the lake surface, which I could see through the grate.


Since for everyone in the group it was our first bungee jump ever, we were all scared. Haha.

We were waiting for the person before us to jump. Our excitement level was off the charts.

Let’s Bungee Jump!

It was finally our turn! Ladies always come first, so our bungee jump started with Ms. N, who had the most courage. It’s amazing how she is not scared at all.

Of course she screamed like crazy when she jumped off. However, after she came back, she sounded very excited: “I feel so great!”, “I got super excited!”, “Ahhh, it felt so amazing!” and “it wasn't that scary after all!” After being encouraged by Ms. N, Mr. T jumps off.

Mr. T, also known as Mr. Calm, didn't say a word when jumping… Cool.

The next was Mr. M. They jump one after another.

Being Pulled Up by an Electronic Winch

Although it seems like people are usually taken down at the ground after they jump, here at Ryujin, they pull you up by an electronic winch.

It’s great because we were happy to be able to share our experiences with friends right after our jump, and we could enjoy the scenery while going back up to the bridge.

This is Mr. K, who’s still quite excited. He seemed to be into it now and said that he would love to do it again.

After this, I also jumped off. As Ms. N said, it wasn't scary like I thought it was going to be! Well, it was so scary that my legs were shaking before I jumped, but while I’m in the middle of the jump, I went like, “wait, this isn’t so bad?” From that moment, I suddenly felt amazing!

Phew. I felt so refreshed as many things became “whatever” after the jump. I could do this annually at the end of each year.

On our way home, I saw someone jumping off like when I arrived, but this time I thought, “I’m jealous. I want to jump again too!”

Even if it’s once in your life, I absolutely suggest that you try bungie jumping! The scenery is especially amazing here, and because it’s the “highest spot in Japan”, it’ll be a great topic for conversation. You should head on over and give it a shot.

So, let’s bungie jump!

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Written by y_a_j_i

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