Enjoy Wonderful Scottish Craft Beer At BrewDog Roppongi, Tokyo!

BrewDog the famous Scottish craft beer brewer owns the pub in Japan’s legendary nightlife district called Roppongi, Tokyo. Not only their beer selection but their food are fantastic!

BrewDog opened the pub in Roppongi in March 2014.

What Is BrewDog, Anyway?

The First BrewDog In Japan!

BrewDog is the micro brewery in Scotland, United Kingdom. Their signature beer with citrus flavour is called PUNK IPA. BrewDog has many pubs and bars within UK, BrewDog Roppongi is the third pub in the outside of UK and the first official pub in Asia.

Brew Dog Roppongi

BrewDog Roppongi is located in the side street of Imoaraizaka slope which is close from Roppongi Station. The address is as follows: Saito Bldg. 1F, Roppongi 5-3-2,, Minato-ku, Tokyo. 106-0032.

The screen shows the list of what they have for the day.

On this day, there are 10 kinds of BrewDog beer available. Three of them were not on sale yet but they offered exclusively in the pub in Roppongi. I can’t ask for more, right?

They open from 11am on weekends (Fri-Sun)! I’d love to visit early then!


The First Glass

Of course I had their signature beer PUNK IPA first!

I feel draft beer has lighter texture than the bottled ones...Mmm, good!

Burger With Beer!

It was about the lunch time, so I ordered this burger!

The burger, chips, and smoked salmon salad...I think… Sorry, I have only a vague memory, to be honest...

The patty was oh-so juicy! It was the right sized burger, perfect with the drinks!

The salad has variety of vegitables, mozzarella cheese, etc. It made my tummy happy! They have more variety of food available at night, so I want to try them sometime!

Second, Third, And Fourth Glasses...

It was my day off, what stops me having good beer? ...Nothing!

The pub has not only BrewDog but Mikkeller (Danish beer), Nogne (Norwegian beer), etc…

I like BrewDog’s original glass. Isn’t it cool looking?

Try Their Sampler Set!

If you are not sure what to get or you want to try as many as you can, then try their sampler set! You can choose 4 kinds of BrewDog beers out of 6. 2,000 yen is definitely worth it!


In this day, there was a beer workshop going on. I’d love to perticipate sometime...

The pub has large windows that gets a lot of sunlight which gives the pub open air feeling. If you are looking for somewhere to have beer in the day time, this is the place you want to be! I am pretty sure it is wonderful at night as well...I can’t wait to be here at night for different occasion ;)

Beer was great and the burger was wonderful! Enjoy wonderful beer and food at BrewDog Roppongi!

I enjoyed so much...hope you do the same!!

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Written by gou

I always drink Beer here and there, not only inside but also outside. So these are records I've drunk nice beers.