Classic Italian food in Kyoto! Enjoying pizza and wine steamed mussels at Amore Kiyamachi

I had pizza and wine steamed mussels at a casual Italian restaurant in Kiyamachi, Kyoto. Today I will introduce that restaurant called Amore Kiyamachi.

If you've only eaten Japanese food in Kyoto, you're missing more great food!

In Kyoto, we have so many delicious places to eat other than Japanese food, like Italian, Chinese and French food. If you're staying in Kyoto for a long period, I definitely want you to eat them.

Where I want to talk about today is Amore Kiyamachi in Shimogyo-ku, Kiyamachi-dori in Kyoto. It's a casual Italian restaurant located on the riverside of Kamogawa, which is a very stylish area.

I visited and took pictures of this place on October 6th, 2015.

A casual Italian restaurant in Kyoto "a more Kiyamachi"

This is the inside of the restaurant.

This is their menu. There were so many dishes!

They not only had pizzas like Margherita but also Carbonara and Bianca.

I ordered the menu below; wine steamed mussel (1,500yen + tax) from the Antipasti Caldi (hot appetizer) and Marinara con ricotta (1,800yen + tax) from the Speciale pizza menu.

They start making their pizzas with firewood after they take your order.

Focaccia eaten with olive oil.

Wine steamed mussels. There's plenty of them on one dish.

The taste and texture is very good. The flavoring and soup is delicious too.

The main dish, pizza!

Finally the Marinara con ricotta pizza.

Oregano, basil, garlic, tomato sauce and ricotta cheese is topped on the pizza. The dough is very chewy.

French and ripe tomato sauce was very good.

The ricotta cheese melts in your mouth when you take a bite.

The pizza is very huge, so one whole is a lot to eat.

It was very tasty. I wanna come here again!

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