3 Days and 2 Nights in the Shikoku Region! ~Part 2. Fun And Relaxing Experience At Dougo Onsen~

This article is about my short trip to the Shikoku region in Japan, part 2! On the second day, I enjoyed an Onsen (hot spring) at Dougo Onsen in Ehime Prefecture.

Alright folks, this is continued from my previous article!

Luxury Experience At Dougo Onsen

The bath house has two indoor baths; Kaminoyu and Tamanoyu. There are 4 options provided to visitors with varying levels of accessibility to the facility. Some included sweets, teas, and/or a rental Yukata (Japanese garment that looks like a Kimono).

Hmm… I chose the highest grade option which cost 1,500 yen per person. It includes accessibility to both Kaminoyu and Tamanoyu, and the private lounge.

I was lucky that I could book the private lounge, I’ve heard it is hard to reserve it because it is very popular...

“Oh this is the famous Dougo Onsen…” It was very relaxing and quiet… The option I chose includes some sweets and tea… Nice!

This is called Tama No Ishi which is on the outside.

The legend says make a wish while pouring the spring water over the rock, then your wish comes true…!

This sign explains the proper customs… Make a wish for something like curing an illness, matchmaking, improved business, etc while pouring the water, bow twice, handclap twice, and bow again.

I sure made a wish!

The building is so detailed and beautiful...

There’s the bath house and also the gate that’s only for the Emperor. He has visited Dougo Onsen twice.

Walking Around The Area!

The shopping street in the area looks like this! I could see the local people love the novelist Souseki Natsume and his masterpiece Bocchan (As I mentioned in the previous article, Souseki adored Dougo Onsen).

There is an automaton clock near the station.

Also, a foot bath is available in the area. Dip your feet and relax...Hmm, that’s a good idea especially after walking around!

Ehime’s Specialty: Tai-meshi (Red Sea Bream On Rice)!

I was looking for a good restaurant offering quality local food...

I was craving this Uwajima-fu Tai-meshi.

Note- Uwajima is an small island that belongs to Ehime Prefecture, and “-fu” means “-style” in Japanese, so in this context, it means “red sea bream on rice Uwajima-style.”

TA-DA! This is Uwajima-fu Tai-meshi!

Fresh red sea bream Sashimi is served on top of steamed rice… Oh, don’t forget pouring the sauce mixed with egg yolk! Yum!!

...This is the end of my fantastic experience at Dougo Onsen and Tai-meshi.

In the next article, I will share another wonderful experience at the luxury Japanese traditional style hotel called Yamatoya Honten along with their great dinner...Stay tuned!

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