Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival In Chitose City: Beautiful Icy Statues Under The Sun!

Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival is held in Chitose City, Hokkaido! In this article, I am introducing how the festival is in daytime. The icy statues, food stands, and other fun stuff are there!

I stayed National Park Resort Shikotsu-ko for 2 nights while my visit to the city.

I arrived in the hotel early evening yesterday, so I went to the festival at night. The ice statues were illuminated by colourful lights and the sight looked fantastic! Let’s see how the festival goes in the daytime.

If you are interested of the festival at night, please refer

Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival In The Daytime


It is Saturday, so I see many buses and cars are parked in the car park, obviously many more tourists come to the festival than last night. I was wondering how coild it is same as last night...the thermometer is equipped at the entrance and it showed -10℃ (14℉) when I arrived. Hmm...honestly, I didn’t feel that cold… I checked the meter again later, then it became -5℃ (23℉).

Lake Shikotsu Surrounded By Light Blue Icy Statues

The sign is at the entrance.

This is the map of the site.

The Ice Falls

This is called the Ice Falls. Do you see water falls in the middle…? All icy statues are made from water in the lake, so the water must come from Lake Shikotsu as well.

The Blue Tower

This huge statue is called the Blue Tower. It was illuminated in blue last night. The tower looks a bit different from last night. I wonder how they make this humongous sized statue...

The Mossy Tunnel

I walked through in the tunnel last night as well, but I didn’t realize this tunnel is made from the trees and ice on them…! It must be a lot of work to do making it!

Under The Lake Promenade

It was deep blue last night, and now it is light blue...

Frozen fish is desplayed on the a frozen aquarium!

After the icy tunnel….

The Big Mountain

The natural sun light makes entire Big mountain light is fantastic and has solemn atmosphere in here.

The Blue Chateau

The Blue Chateau is the observatory deck. You can climb to the top and see the entire site.

Take the stairs...

The site goes colourful at night, but it looks all light blue under the sun! Either way, the site is beautiful.

Why Are The Icy Statues Light Blue?

As I mentioned above, all these statues are made from water in Lake Shikotsu...but why are the statues light blue?? The water in Lake Shikotsu contains less inpurities in it which means the water allows more light to pass through than other water. The statues are naturally light blue which is the true colour of water.

The Icy Big Slope

The slope (slide) is made of ice!

Kids are enjoying the slide!! I want to try~~~ Well, the parents support kids, but no adults are on the slide, so I didn’t…haha

Play With Pony!

Kids are on the pony’s back! 500 yen for per person.

Look how cute the pony is!

Food Stands Available

Food stands are available in Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival as well just like any other festivals in Japan! I had Amazake~! Amazake is Japanese traditional hot and sweet drink which is made from Sake lees and rice malt. Even though it is used Sake lees, it contains very very few alcohol in it, so I’ve had it in the festivals since I was a child :)

There are postage stamp sheets on sale. Each stamp has a picture of Lake Shikotsu from different angle and different view. It is 1,200 yen for a sheet.

A grilled trout! 500 yen per trout.

The candy shaped the icy is only 100 yen per bag! I got one as souvenir.

Icy Shrine..Hyoutou Jinja

Yes, it is made from ice just like any other things in the festival...

The coins on the wall look like fish scales… I wonder how it sticks on the icy walls, so I tried myself putting 10 yen on the wall… My 10 yen coin sticks on the wall quickly when I pushed it.

I’d like them to continue the festival in the next year and more, so I offered some donation in the offertory box (by the way, it looks cute, isn’t it?).

There are pretty snowmen and lightings outside of the festival site and many groups of tourists. In the weekend, the fireworks are going on at night. It was truly fantastic experience!!

Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival is so much fun for everybody, especially for whom from the town where snow doesn’t fall! Such a enjoyable festival...enjoy! :)

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Written by TABIZU

I love to go on a trip each season, to stroll markets for finding dainty foods, and to soak in a hot spring more than anything.