Introduce Osomatsu-san: The Hottest Anime Characters To Japanese Otaku Girls

Osomatsu-san is Japanese Anime character(s) who gets so much attention from Japanese Otaku girls! Let me introduce Japan’s hottest guys in Anime!

Do you know what the most popular anime is to Otaku people in recent days in Japan?

...It is called Osomatsu-san! The story is about identical sextuplets and his funny lives.

About Osomatsu-san

Contemporary Version Of Osomatsu-kun

Osomatsu-san is inspired by the Manga comic book Osomatsu-kun by Fujio Akatsuka in 1960s. Osomatsu-san commemorates 80th anniversasry of Mr. Akatsuka’s birth. The sextuplets were 5th graders in the original comic books, and they became adults and all of them are jobless in Osomatsu-san. It sounds aweful (well, this happens often in the real world in Japan), but Otaku girls love the sextuplets and their fun life style.

It Gets Attention..Especially From Girls!

This comedy Anime became a huge hit to Japanese girls, not guys!

...Why? Because each character has unique prsonality! The oldest Osomatsu is full of beans, Karamatsu is narcissist (and has thick eyebrows), Choromatsu is shy with girls, etc… Other brothers such as Ichimatsu, Jushimatsu, and Todomatsu have other unique personalities as well. Which one you prefer? Girls are gathered up ans talk about their favourite one!

Osomatsu-san Collaboration

Osomatsu-san x Animate Cafe

Animate Cafe sells Anime/Manga goods which is located on 6th floor in Marui Annex in Shinjuku.

The cafe collaborates with Osomatsu-san during 19 Jan to 14 Feb 2016! The cafe is decorated with the sextuplets and offers special cafe meal/drinks!

You must have reservation to get seated in the cafe… Osomatsu-san is way too popular, so only people who win the drawing can be seated in the cafe…but don’t worry! You still can take pictures of the cafe even though you don’t have tickets.

The walls are all decorated with the sextuplets!!

Otaku girls LOVE to spend some time in this cafe ;)

Life-sized panels od the sextuplets! Girls are in line to take pictures with them!

Osomatsu and his 5 brothers are helping the cafe!

The coasters have characters on them! I’d love to collect all of them!

These are sextuplets in Ikemen (handsome) mode! They are in Anime as well.

Osomatsu-san At Tora No Ana

Tora No Ana sells Dojinshi. Dojinshi is the Japanese term for self-published works. Dojinshi is made by someone who is a huge fan of some comics/Animes and creates the original stories. Japanese Otakus love Dojinshi!

Tora No Ana sets a booth just for Osomatsu-san’s characters!

These panels are drawn by Osomatsu-san fans!

Look these cute characters!! These panels tell you each one’s personality pretty well...

Look at these variety of Dojinshis!!

Hoodies From Spinns

Spinns is a Japanese fashion brand.

The brand targets Japanese young girls, but not particularly Otaku girls… However, Osomatsu-san fans started to wear Spinn’s hoodies becuase the hoodie looks like the ones the sextuplets wear in the Anime!

They are very simple and plain hoodies but ithey are available in various colours.

The sextuplets have their theme colours! (From oldest to younger) red is for Osomatsu, blue is for Karamatsu, green is for Choromatsu, purple is for Ichimatsu, yellow is for Jushimatsu, and pink is for Todomatsu. Girls get hoodies in their favourite character’s theme colour.

Spinns is in Ikebukuro. This area is known for Otaku girls… The shop must know girls talk about their hoodies!


Osomatsu-san boom is hitting very hard in Japan! It influences not only Japanese Dojinshi and Otaku culture but fashion!! Osomatsu-san is not the action like Naruto or One Piece, but it introduces normal life in Japan quite well in the Anime.

If you are interested in Osomatsu-san, please check it out! Anime DVD is on sale since the end of January 2016 in Japan, so it will be much later in the overseas, I guess…)

FYI- The music in the Anime has quite reputation as well!

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Written by Nekko

I recently got married and I’m currently living in Tokyo. I will write about cheap shopping, and tips about fashion and lifestyle.