Year-end-deep housecleaning with sodium sesquicarbonate!

In Japan, something called ‘sodium sesquicarbonate’ has become a hot topic on TV and in magazines. This is an alkaline powder that is perfect for cleaning stubborn oil stains. I’ll introduce how to use this popular cleaning product, sodium sesquicarbonate.

Hi! Im Kinako Kashiwagi. It’s nearly New Year’s Eve.

In Japan, people follow a custom of ‘end-of-year deep housecleaning’ on December 31. This is to welcome a new year by cleaning the mess that piled up over the year and purify our mind. This is very Japanese as a streotypical belief says Japanese people are neat and tidy (lol).

Anyway, today, I’d like to introduce the Japanese handy cleaning product for an end-of year deep housecleaning.

Here it is! I bought this ‘sodium sesquicarbonate’ that’s extremely popular on TV/ in magazined. This one is from ¥100 shop called Seria, but you can also purchase it from a pharmacy and supemarket.

What is sodium sesquicarbonate?

I’m not familiar with how it is done overseas, but Japanese people traditionally use alkaline baking soda for cleaning according to one of Japanese housewife’s wisdoms. It can be used for a kitchen, bathroom, washing tub and others, and it works so much better and easier than regular cleaning products.

However, this alkaline cleaning agent ‘sodium sesquicarbonate’ is actually easier to handle and also very versatile. It’s also called as Alkaline Wash. Originally, it was added to laundry detergents and bath salts, but it has become very popular and well known since it became the household cleaning agent.

How to apply sodium sesquicarbonate to your cleaning

To make the solution, you need 5g of sodium sesquicarbonate per 500ml of water.

I sprayed that onto our oily exhaust fan in the kitchen and some door knobs with sticky finger marks...then I wiped it off...

‘Whoooa, this is too good to be true!!!’

It became spotless as if I was watching one of those infomercials!

It was just amazing, and I almost couldn’t control my laughter.

Other usage of sodium sesquicarbonate


Other than the usage above, you can also use sodium sesquicarbonate for the laundry. When the washing is not badly soiled, but you are still unsure just to rinse them in the water and would still want to use some kind of detergent...that’s when you can pull out this sodium sesquicarbonate.

As bath salts

As it was originally and is regularly used for bathing, you can add it into your bathtub as bath salts. Dissolving half a table spoon well into hot water in the bath, the hot water becomes milder that effectively warms your body.

So, how was it? Hope you are motivated to get a bag of sodium sesquicarbonate and see the results right before your eyes ♪ This might become a hot and ideal souvenir for ladies.

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Written by Kinako Kashiwagi

Lives in Hiroshima. I draw comics and illustrations. My hobby is traveling alone. I want to visit every prefecture in Japan!