We Visited “Owl nomori”, an Owl Cafe Where You Can Play with Various Owls in Akihabara

We visited “Owl nomori”, a cafe where you can play with owls, located in Akihabara. We had an awesome experience where we enjoyed the company of various owls!

“Animal cafes”, cafés where you can play with animals, including the “cat café”, are getting remarkably popular in Japan. There are unique types of animal cafes like rabbit cafes, weasel cafes, and even a lizard cafe.

Today, we went to Akihabara, “the town of electronics and geeks”, where there’re the most animal cafes in Japan, because we heard about an owl cafe there!

Introduction of “Owl nomori”, an Owl Cafe in Akihabara

Cafe Apprearance and Access

“Owl nomori” is about 7 minute walk from Akihabara Station and is just one minute walk from the adjacent Suehirocho Station. The cafe is located on the 5th floor of this building, which has a “Sukiya” (a gyudon chain restaurant) on the 1st floor.

We made a reservation when the cafe opened so that we could start playing with the owls as soon as possible, but look at this line outside!

As went up to the 5th floor and got off the elevator, we had our first surprise of the day: we entered a forest world!

Cafe System

When you go inside the cafe, you pay the fee in advance. This cafe runs on a time slot system, and you have one hour. The entrance fee is 890 yen, and it’s 540 yen for children.

The fee includes one drink, so you can get one of any drink from this vending machine.

After you pay, let’s go inside the cafe!

Let’s Play with Owls!

The Owl Area with More Than 30 Owls

This owl area looks like a jungle! We couldn’t believe that it was a room inside a building! You might think, “Where are the owls?”, for a second, but if you look below...

Wow! Owls are hanging out everywhere!

There are many of them lined up on the counter too...

Also by the windows! Cute…!

Have you ever seen this many owls this closely? This is my first time! It excites me so much!

Small Owls Feel Fluffy

Just like we see on TV or in picture books, owls are very mild and quiet. It’s easy to take pictures of them. This owl was taking a nap. So adorable~.

Although we tend to think that owls are only active at night, we heard that the owls at this cafe live the almost same lifestyle as humans since they live together.

This owl totally got me.... He felt so amazingly fluffy....

A staff member taught us to pet owls with the back of your finger when you touch them. So soft~.

Be Careful with Big Owls with Temper

Although you can pet almost any of the owls here, when it comes to these big, short-tempered owls that were just introduced to the store, you can’t touch them.

When we take a good look at them, they have crazy claws. We imagine it’d be bloody if they get angry and scratch us… Like hawks, they’re a type of birds of prey after all.

He has sharper eyes than the others. They’re so powerful, like a head of a group of hooligans.

Although he looked like as if he was saying, “Hey you, don’t f*** around with me!!”, surprisingly he was one of the owls we were allowed to touch.

This madam-like owl looked like Yubaba or Witch of the Waste from Ghibli movies…

This bold looking owl has a sign next to him: “If he moves, run away!”

Let’s Have Fun Letting Owls Ride on Your Arm!

What a surprise! Here at the “Owl nomori” cafe, you can ask a staff member to put your favorite owl on your arm. Just remember to talk with the staff since you can only put some of the smaller owls on your arm.

Northern White-Faced Owl

The first owl that I asked them to put on my arm is this one. Since he’s small and calm, he really stayed stable on top of my hand.

I could take whatever pictures I wanted with him, whether it’s a close-up or a selfie. His round eyes are cute.

Because they might poop while riding on your arm, you have to keep your arm away from your body a little bit. Although the posture is a little straining, a staff member will come and take him off when you get tired.

Barn Owl

Next is a Barn Owl, which attracts people with its mask-like face.

It seems like it was his naptime, he was dozing off the whole time.

His sleeping face, goodness, it looked like the one we see in manga (Japanese comic books)! Adorable!

I could pet him all I wanted since he didn’t wake up at all. I also took as many pictures as I wanted to.

But I felt a bit sad when he slept facing the other way...Haha.

The staff provided us with mittens, which were to prevent us from being scratched by owl’s feet. Owls also had a leash on their feet, so it’s safe for everyone, even for those who are not used to animals.

It was quite a special experience which I can’t have often!

Reservations and Operating Hours

What did you think? If you’re interested, please visit the “Owl nomori”!

Although we don’t think you need a reservation if it’s a weekday afternoon, we recommend making a reservation if you’re going on holidays or weekends. Since they only accept phone calls for reservations, we recommend to go early and wait in line if you don’t speak Japanese.


Weekdays 13:00-23:00 (17:00-23:00 on Wednesdays)

Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday 12:00-23:00

Reservation: 03-3254-6366

URL: http://2960.tokyo/

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Written by y_a_j_i

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