Want To Eat Delicious Sushi At Low Cost In Osaka? Try Daiki Suisan!

This is a review of Daiki Suisan Kaiten Zushi where you can eat inexpensive yet delicious Sushi in Osaka.

Hello! I am Waka Ossan living in Osaka with my family.

I had promised my son to take him for dinner...father and son night out! I asked him what he wants to eat and my cheeky boy replied “Sushi!”…. I needed to see my budget and such and think where to go to make his tummy full at a reasonable cost… Then, I decided to take him to Daiki Suisan Kaiten Zushi Tobu-ten! It is a Sushi-go-round style restaurant...I know kids love these types of restaurants ;)

Great Location...Just Right Next To Tobu Ichiba!

Tobu Ichiba is a market venue where you can buy fresh vegetables, seafood, etc. Daiki Suisan is right next to the market. It is also only 3 minutes away from Tobu Ichiba Station on foot. Of course you can drive there, too. They have a spacious car park.

Okay...let our father-and-son night begin! My son ordered Chawan Mushi (pot-steamed egg mixture with chicken and vegetables- 200 yen) and I got the Miso soup (150 yen).

My Miso soup is called Akadashi. It has Aka Miso which is Osaka’s favourite strong flavoured Miso.

There is my son’s favourite next to my Miso soup: Tarako Gunkan Maki (cod roe on rice and wrapped in a seaweed sheet). We both had each.

Okay, Let’s Roll!

Now, let me show you what we picked from the conveyer belt.

Here is another Gunkan Maki which has salty squid on top.

This Gunkan Maki below has flying fish roe called Tobikko on top...it has a popping texture in your mouth!

My little boy loved it!

The picture below is Natto Gunkan Maki. Natto is fermented soy beans which have a unique smell and sticky texture. I like it very much, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are familiar with it...

This is salmon Maki. The salmon is marinated with mayonnaise wrapped in rice and a seaweed sheet. This can be your favourite! Mayo goes so well with salmon!!

My little buddy started to ask for french fries! I had wondered why Sushi restaurants have it on their menus, but since I became a parent I learned why.

Fries easily make little kids full with less of a mess...moreover, fries are kind to my wallet! hahaha

Nianago (boiled sea eel) dressed with sweet soy sauce is definitely my favourite!! I barely see rice under a huge boiled eel… Yummy!

This picture below is white fish carpaccio Gunkan Maki. The white fish meat was seasoned with a salt based sauce. The meat was firm...mmm it was good!

Here is tuna! It was very fresh, firm, and juicy!

We added deep fried tuna (pictured below, left) and Emgawa (flounder edge/fin, pictured right).

This deep fried tuna was...heavenly good! It has less juiciness in tuna meat than deep fried chicken, but it is well prepared and does not have a strong fishy smell.

Emgawa was very good as well. We really enjoyed its thick meat!

Pictures shown above were not all, we had Akadashi and Chawan Mushi at the beginning, and 14 plates of Sushi… It was 2,970 yen total for both of us. Well, we didn’t choose anything expensive in general, but the price range was between 100-250 yen per plate. It was a reasonable yet delicious Sushi experience!!

If you are looking for Sushi at a low cost, Daiki Suisan Kaiten Zushi Tobu-ten is the place to go!

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Written by 若おっさん(Waka Ossan)

I'm living in Osaka and be willing to introduce a lot gourmet information of various places in Kansai area(Osaka, Kyoto, Wakayama, Shiga...), especially attractive for middle-aged man!