What is March like in Japan? Let’s go see the cherry blossoms and feel the arrival of spring

We will give you general information about March holidays, weather and climate in Japan. Hanami (going to see cherry blossoms), Hinamatsuri, White Day, etc. are events and holidays celebrated particularly in Japan during March. Check them out!

March in Japan is when the snow melts. It’s still a little cold, but it gets warmer and you will be excited about the anticipated arrival of spring. What represents spring at this time of year are cherry blossoms, Japan's national flower.

Also, March is called a farewell season, since April is the beginning of the school and business year in Japan.

March Holidays in Japan

There is only one national holiday in March.

Date Name and Remarks
Around 3/20-3/21 ** Spring Equinox Day**

Spring Equinox Day is a national holiday when day and night is equal, celebrating the beginning of spring.

This day changes astronomically, so the date of the Spring Equinox Day is decided by cabinet decision every year. In 2016, the Spring Equinox Day is on March 21st.

We do not have any special events on this day, but many shops close like any other holidays, so you need to be careful.

The climate in March (weather, temperature, what to wear)

Average Highest Lowest
Hokkaido(Sapporo) -4.0℃ 0.6℃ -2.9℃
Tokyo 8.7℃ 13.6℃ 4.4℃
Nagoya 8.7℃ 13.9℃ 4.2℃
Kyoto 8.4℃ 13.4℃ 4.0℃
Osaka 9.4℃ 13.7℃ 5.6℃
Hiroshima 9.1℃ 14.0℃ 4.8℃
Fukuoka 10.4℃ 14.4℃ 6.7℃
Okinawa(Naha) 18.9℃ 21.7℃ 16.5℃

The temperature gradually rises in March, and snow starts to melt. But a strong wind called "Haruichiban" blows in many places excluding Hokkaido and Okinawa, so it still feels cold and a little too early to go outside without a jacket.

March festivals and events

1) Hanami

When the cherry blossoms bloom differs every year depending on the temperature, but when the estimated period is announced on TV, Japanese people start talking about when to go to the Hanami.

We spread sheets at parks, eat, drink...we get pretty excited.

There are places where they light up the cherry blossoms with lanterns, or hold a festival with lots of stalls.

This is a picture of the Meguro River cherry blossoms. The Meguro River Sakura Festival is one of the most popular cherry blossom festivals in Tokyo.

2) Hinamatsuri on March 3rd

Hinamatsuri is a traditional event in Japan. We pray for girls' healthy growth.

Families with girls decorate their houses with "Hinaningyo" dolls and peach flowers, and eat feasts like chirashi sushi and Japanese confectionery.

3) White Day on March 14th

You know Valentine's Day on February 14th, but have you heard of White Day on March 14th? In Japan, Valentine's Day is a day for girls to open up their feelings for boys, and give them chocolate.

And this White Day is when boys who received chocolate give back girls something in return. Their gifts are things like cookies, marshmallows and candy, but there are cases when boys are asked to buy expensive bags and jewelry. lol

If you come to Japan at the beginning of March, you will probably be able to see the word White Day and sweets that have to do with it in department stores all over.

How was the article? March is a very popular season for tourists to start with because of the cherry blossoms, but there are other events to enjoy too! Please visit and celebrate the arrival of spring with us!

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