Another fun attraction of Ise Grand Shrine! Eating and strolling on Okage Yokocho alley! (Second part)

This is Second part of articles about Oharai Machi/Okage Yokocho. It's located just outside of Ise Grand Shrine, and it has a row of restaurants and souvenir shops. In this blog, I’m writing about my experience of eating and strolling there.

This article is the sequel to the article ‘Another fun attraction of Ise Grand Shrine! Eating and strolling on Okage Yokocho Alley! (First part)’ and the latter half of the blog writing about my experience of eating and strolling on ‘Oharai Machi / Okage Yokocho’ alley.

The fourth stop: Deep-fried chicken skin at Toriichi Honten

We are still wondering around Ise…next stop is here! This is called ‘Toriichi Honten’.

It’s located on the outskirts of Oharai Machi.

We were drawn towards this showcase at first sight.

Here is the menu. We ordered ‘the Original Mr Chicken skin (¥500)’ today.

This is ‘the Original Mr Chicken skin’. Look at the amount of it.

The chicken skins are deep-fried and they are very crispy and crunchy! On top of that, this salty and sweet sauce is super yummy!

It’s just so unbelievably aromatic. I start craving for a beer when I taste them. (LOL)

I have a feeling that this is going to be the new Ise’s specialty.

It is perfect with eating and strolling, so give it a go!

I heard that people have to line up for this on the weekend.

The 5th stop: Grilled oysters at ‘Uofuku’

The next stop is located at the end of Oharai Machi, and it’s called Uofuku.

I like the name here as if it’s a fish version of Akafuku (LOL).

Outside of the shop, you can smell the glorious charcoal grilling. We stopped there first just to try grilled oysters.

…but, the old man at the shop invited us inside for the warmth, so we decided to eat inside.

We ended up ordering 2 sets of grilled oysters (¥380×2), large asari clams (¥400) and ‘Same no tare (¥400)’, which had been introduced on a popular TV program before.

Overall, the price range is good and reasonable.

Here they come! Grilled oysters! They are superstars in the winter.

I love oysters more than anything…

Another one!

They are very juicy. Wibble-wobble, slurp…I ate almost everything without sharing with my family (LOL).

This is what they call ‘Same no tare’.

This dish is a specialty of Ise and was introduced on a popular TV program as the unique delicacy here.

People open up and cut a shark into pieces before it starts smelling the unique shark smell and marinate them in salt and mirin before drying them.

It seems to be popular as nibbles that go with sake.

The one with salt is nice and simple. I actually prefer the mirin one for the salty and sweet flavor.

Next, the large asari clams!

I quite like this kind of shellfish as well.

It has a unique chewy but crunchy texture…and the juice pouring out from it. Superb!

You can try delicious shellfish at a reasonable price.

It would have been better if we came on the train, so I could try some sake…what a shame! Thank you for the delicious food and drink.

I finally realized how full I became.

I thoroughly enjoyed eating and strolling in the area of Oharai Machi and Okage Yokocho in front of Ise Grand Shrine.

People would think it might have to be more solemn to visit Ise Grand Shrine, but you can enjoy it in a different way like this. So, why don’t you try this fun way of entertainment when you visit Ise!

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