I ate an unlimited amount of fruit at Shinjuku’s Takano Fruit Buffet

I went to the Takano Fruit Buffet that is run by a fruit specialty store, Takano. You can eat not just fruits but other delicious menus, and it was a wonderful experience.

In the Beginning

What is Fruit Takano?

There is a fruit parlor by an expensive fruit specialty store called the Takano in Shinjuku, and here they have a fruit buffet!

Fruit in Japan is pretty expensive, but here, you can eat all you can. Fruit made in Japan has a high price but is made to be very sweet and mild. I think it's worth going if you're ever in Shinjuku.

I went during the dessert time!

This time, I went on a weekday avoiding the Golden Week (a long Japanese holiday), taking my day off from work. It's not that I was so determined that I had to take the day off, but I really wanted to go there during the dessert time.

This fruit buffet has an individual optional menu for lunch time (11:00-14:00), dessert time (15:00-17:00) and dinner time (17:30-20:45).

If I wanted to go during the dessert time, I have to go between 15:00-17:00, and the weekend is probably crowded with people so...I was just like, oh well! Let's just take the day off! lol

Is a reservation necessary?

I had my seat reserved online so I didn't have to wait to get inside, but it seemed like you could get in in just 15-20 minutes without a reservation. Maybe because it was a weekday. But a reservation is not particularly a must.

Open Hours: AM11:00~PM9:00

Time Limit: 90min

Price (tax included) :

Adults ¥2,625 / Child (aged 6 to 12) ¥1,890 / Child (aged 3 to 5) ¥1,365

Takano Fruit Official Site


Notes: Men must be accompanied with women on the Ladies Buffet Floor. Men can enter by themselves after 5pm.

Let the Takano Fruit Bar Buffet start!

The main fruits

Of course the most wonderful thing about the Takano Fruit Bar are the delicious fruits.

I love fruits, so I was going to eat a plateful of fruit first but...

The main dishes are great too!

The edamame risotto, pasta and tomato grilled chicken looks good too...

Here's the edamame risotto.

I thought if I was gonna be full anyway, why don't I just eat whatever I feel like eating! So I decided to eat the chicken and risotto first. The grilled chicken in the first picture was so good that I went to get some more three times in a row...

My dish I've picked up!

The colorful fruit looks delicious.

Other than fruit, there are chicken, pasta, cake, salad, bread, soup and drinks, that are limited menus for May. And the dessert time limited menus were Musk Melon Mini Parfaits, Melon Tiramisu cake (limited number), and Three Kinds of Melon and Soy Milk Bavarois Coup Jelly (limited number).

The limited deserts are served with a demonstration!

Here is the May limited dessert, “Cherry Cheese Cream Crepe”.

They make them in front of you so you have to wait in line a little. But they come with two kinds of ice cream. I hadn't eaten crepes for a long time, but they are good without a doubt.

This is the musk melon mini parfait, that they only have a limited number of.

And this is the limited cherry parfait, only for people who made a reservation for the dessert time. On weekdays, there are only for 20 people!

They told us about the parfait when I arrived, but I totally had forgotten about it by the time it was served. It was much bigger than the musk melon mini parfait, and honestly I was so full.

I managed to eat all of it, but this was the last menu I ate that day. I wish they brought it sooner! Or it was smaller…!


¥2,625 seemed a little expensive at first for a lunch buffet, but they were all generally delicious so I actually think it's cheap.

But I was a little sad about one thing though! When I made a reservation in April, the limited menu had a mango parfait for the dessert time, but they changed to melons in May…!

I am getting a stomach ache from getting four more plates of fruit. Would I be able to eat less next time? Probably not. Cuz I'm a big eater lol

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Written by TABIZU

I love to go on a trip each season, to stroll markets for finding dainty foods, and to soak in a hot spring more than anything.