Belgium Beer x Aged Meat At Délirium Café GINZA, Tokyo

Délirium Café opens a new beer cafe in Ginza, Tokyo! Enjoy not only tastful Belgium beer but aged meat!

Ginza is known as shopping and gourmet area in Tokyo. I visited Délirium Café GINZA and enjoyed Belgium beer and aged meat!

Délirium Café GINZA

About Délirium Café GINZA

Délirium Café GINZA is the 8th Délirium Cafés in the world. The beer cafe offers quality beer and gourmet meal, just like bistro. Délirium Café is also in Shinjuku, Akasaka, Kasumigaseki etc as well.

In Good Location

Délirium Café GINZA is located just right outside of A5 Exit of Ginza Station.

Great location, right?

Large Selection Of Belgium Beer

Taps are lined up on the counter. About 40 different beers are available in the cafe. Many of them are Belgium draft beer!

Belgium beer is popular in Japan as well as the other imported beer, but it could be a bit expensive….. However, they offer the beer at the reasonable price in this cafe.

First Glass: Celis White

Celis White has resfeshing and sweet taste. It goes well with food!

Délirium Café’s food menus are wonderful, too… Let me show you what I had with the beer.

This is called chopped salad.

Crispy fresh vegitables were cut into small pieces.

Second Glass: XX Bitter

It sure has bitter taste… The dryness and the flavour of hops wonderful!

Third Glass: Black IPA Brasserie

This black IPA uses European hops only. It has strong flavour of burnt hops. Wonderful.

This unique beer goes great with chicken liver mousse and honey.

This smooth mousse and the beer are definitely BFF!

Aged Meat Feast!

Meat Sampler Plate here I come!

This sampler plate has three kinds of meat on it (this is for 2-3 people). They have other sampler plates with 5 or 7 kinds of meat on them, so order one depending on how many people in the group. The one I ordered has Kanzaki aging beef and grilled lamb and Satsuma Kinkei chicken. All three are SO juicy and tender!

My favourite was Kanzaki aging beef for sure! I enjoyed its sweetness and meaty taste in my mouth.

The next is roasted quail with honey.

Roasted quail is dressed with honey!

This small quail has tiny bones, but its meat is so tasteful and great with honey. I never knew quail goes well with it…

Then, Deer!

The cafe offers gibier (game/quarry-animals hunted for food) depending on the season. The deer was available on this day, so I ordered it. It has unique flavour and chewy texture. Mmm, this is great…!

More Belgium Beer!

Délirium Café GINZA has not only draft beer but imported bottled beer as well. This is great place to have beer party with your family and friends! I enjoyed OH-SO much!

This is basically for beer lovers but the cafe has fantastic food too, so even if you are not a big fan of beer, you still enjoy their food.

I’d recommend you to visit Délirium Café GINZA, Tokyo!

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Written by gou

I always drink Beer here and there, not only inside but also outside. So these are records I've drunk nice beers.